Casual Wear,Looks more relaxed and natural!

“Forget it!We go to the private room!”
Guo Xueli is holding her nose,Take Fang Yu to the private room。
Simultaneously,She was full of contempt。
And this time,A familiar figure。
Stopped them!
Look at someone,Guo Xueli subconsciously pushed Fang Yu away。
Surprised eyes!
“I didn’t expect the parting soon……Your taste is getting worse,Men of this breed,Where did you find it?”
Pete looked at Fang Yu,Cold road。
The eyes are full of mockery!
First90chapter Your watch is dead!
“What kind of man am i?”
Fang Yu looked at Pete,Confused。
“Your clothes,I’m afraid it doesn’t add up to 500 yuan!And my pair of shoes,Five thousand……You are not as good as my pair of shoes!”