And looking at it all,place it here,In fact, for the scene brought before us。

Why is Wang Teng worried about this??
Not only that,Wang Teng was very calm。
“Nothing,Actually these things,I did it on purpose。”
“Let’s take it slow,Just wait here。”
For such things,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,I didn’t think it had any effect at all。
And the more so,Looks at Wang Teng,Actually all this,It’s better than previously thought,Much easier。
Now,In front of Wang Teng,Those around,They are looking here one after another。
They suddenly felt,The plan arranged by Wang Teng,Couldn’t be better。
“makes sense,If this is the case,Then next,We can consider starting from here。”
“Actually, if you think about it this way,Let’s do it now,It’s nothing wrong with itself。”
“If you really start from this perspective,these questions,In fact, we still have to deal with this as soon as possible!”
Now,With the people around,At this time, Wang Teng has nothing to worry about at all.。
After all, from now on,These things,How to solve it。
Just these things,In fact, it should be very common。
And see here,At this moment,Wang Teng felt the more he wanted to,Start now,There are many things,It’s still necessary to get it done。