“Good good!I won’t say anything!Male friend,Can i call my boyfriend“He Jing said,Moved with Ouyang Hong,The two suddenly became a group。Xia Jian can tell,The relationship between Ouyang Hong and this He Jing is extraordinary,The fight reflects the closeness of the relationship between the two。

Wait for the two women to have enough,Ouyang Hong just said:“Xia Jian wants to buy a motorcycle,I brought you here,You look,What good car is suitable for him to ride?“
He Jing glanced at Xia Jian,Ask with a smile:“Handsome guy!Have you played before?“
“No,Want to get a transportation tool,Is it inconvenient to travel?“Xia Jian replied readily。
“The motorcycle market is a bit chaotic right now,New products emerge endlessly,Great update,But I think it’s better to import cars,people like you,Must be equipped with a car that can match your identity,Ride out to have style“He Jing said with a smile。
Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong,Haha smiled:“Identity,What identity,Isn’t it just an old farmer who farms??It doesn’t matter if you are worthy,Just want to be more atmospheric,These cars at your door,Tell the truth,I really don’t like“
“readily,I like to deal with people like you,Good car,But have this,Don’t know how you prepared?“He Jing put one hand in the pocket of jeans,Rubbing the fingers of one hand,Made a gesture of counting money。
Everything is for this sake,Even if Xia Jian had a swollen face, he had to fill it up,He laughed and said:“We don’t need money“
“Hahahaha!What an old farmer who doesn’t need money,Just arrived a batch of new cars tonight,Test drive on Liyuan Road,I take you over,Pick on the spot,Which one do you like,I got it for you“He Jing laughed and said to Xia Jian。
Listen to Ouyang Hong on the side,His face changed slightly,She yelled:“Mischief,Just buy one that can ride,What are you doing on Liyuan Road??Where shall we not go,And still at night“
He Jing stopped smiling,Patted Ouyang Hong on the shoulder,Whispered:“Dear,Your friend,Is my friend,I have a sense of measure。Where can the car go,Do not worry!I am here,Nothing will happen,Besides, your friend,Lianjiazi at a glance“
Although He Jing’s voice is very low,,But Xia Jian still knew it clearly,Isn’t it impossible to buy a motorcycle??
One afternoon,Xia Jian followed Ouyang Hong,This woman is usually in the countryside,Once caught this opportunity,She is not merciless,Shopping mall,buying clothes,Eat snacks,Xia Jian can’t figure it out,When women usually eat,I always say my stomach is small,This is a snack,How come you become a big stomach king。
At dinner,Ouyang Hong stopped apologetically,said laughingly:“My home is on Dongchang Road,I’ll count if you live tonight?”
Xia Jianyi listen,Hurriedly waved his hand and said:“No no no,I live in the guest house,You’ll be here to find me in a while”Xia Jian pointed to a guest house on the roadside and said to Ouyang Hong。
“Look at you,My home is not a tiger den,Cannibalistic”Ouyang Hong snatched several clothes bags from Xia Jian,Left angrily。
Xia Jian directed at Ouyang Hong who was away,Ha ha smiled:“I am not your boyfriend,Why go to your house?”
Around eight o’clock in the evening,Xia Jian took a hot bath,Watching tv in bed,I heard Ouyang Hong calling his name downstairs,He hurriedly got up,Hurried downstairs。