“Forget it,Forget it,We still don’t want to enter the mountain,People who are inside now,Are the top disciples!”

Not only the Mianshan Jianzong,Like Zi Zonglin、Wu Zonglin、Pu tribe、Zhao Clan、Gulong Palace……
These big forces have sent some disciples,Like the two female disciples of Mianshan Jianzong,Guarded the entrance of the colossus of the general。
Directly not allow those three religions and nine current forces to enter the tomb of the Nine Army,Lest they take some of the purple brocade boxes and fuchsia brocade boxes away。
It’s not that I lost to these people,But worried that they would run away with the brocade box,And waste everyone’s time。
The major forces are just as scheduled,Weave a net at the entrance of the Tomb of the Ninth Army,Directly blocked the ordinary disciples!
The Tomb of the Ninth Army is still rising,The original hillsides became some low ground,Those who have entered the Tomb Hill of the Ninth Army,They are going to the highest point,There is a tomb of Junshan!
The mausoleum is huge,There are no scattered tombstones around,There is only one tall and strong colossus of generals,There is another rock bigger than a house。
Zhu Minglang is very clear,Lichuan Dadi’s certificate of ownership must be a purple brocade box。
And there are only a few fuchsia brocade boxes in the entire organ city,One of them is now on top of the mausoleum general,Just climb to the highest mausoleum mountain,When you look up, you can see the fuchsia brocade box held tightly by the hand of the general colossus!
Besides,On the colossal statues of generals around,Also blue、Purple brocade box,They didn’t hide much,Placed there like an exhibit。
but,If you want to take these brocade boxes away,But it’s not easy。
Because as soon as Jinhe leaves these generals,The general colossus will come alive,Will chase the person holding the brocade box……
So these disciples who came to the Tomb Hill of the Nine Army,Not only have to face other people’s snatch,Have to deal with these powerful giants!