A week in the home industry 丨 Meng Jie took Weiya’s market value soared

A week in the home industry 丨 Meng Jie took Weiya’s market value soared, IKEA recalled a cereal
This week, the home furnishing company keeps moving.Among them, IKEA recalled a certain kind of moldy oatmeal, Mengjie shares skyrocketed due to the cooperation with Weiya, and Henglin shares planned to acquire Dr. Chu.◆ IKEA recalls a kind of mildew mixed mixed fruit dried cerealIKEA MüSLI mixed dried fruit cereal (reduce cereal products) (500g) products because the mold content exceeds the legal upper limit.In addition, IKEA stated that customers who purchased the product in March 2019 and thereafter can return to any IKEA store and receive a full refund.The recall started on May 8, 2020 and lasted for one month.◆ When catching up with Weiya, the market value of Mengjie shares skyrocketed. On May 12, Mengjie shares opened daily limit, which has been 7.03 yuan / share, the total market value reached 53.7.1 billion yuan, ranking 36 on May 8.6.0 billion, the market value has skyrocketed by 17.6.5 billion.On May 18, Mengjie shares still opened daily limit, has been 7.73 yuan / share, with a market value of 59.0.6 billion.For abnormal conditions, Mengjie has issued two announcements of abnormal changes in stock transactions on May 12 and May 14.It is mentioned that on May 11th, Mengjie shares a strategic cooperation agreement with e-commerce live broadcast agency Qianxun Culture, announcing that it will be related to the broadcaster Weiya in consumer feedback, product sales, Weiya portrait rights, etc.Cooperation.◆ Actual House and Alibaba 6.18 have teamed up again since 2018, Actual House and Alibaba 6.18 have teamed up three times.Sauna, Yewang was informed that the current “June 18 Tmall Ideal Life Carnival Season” activity has actually started with Alibaba in 2020.Actually, the home side weighs in. This year, both parties will devote more resources to bring many preferential benefits to consumers, while also empowering more home furnishing brands and dealers.◆ Henglin plans to acquire 700 million yuan for the acquisition of Dr. Chu and increase its capital by 300 million. On May 12, Henglin announced that the company intends to acquire 100% of the equity held by GLORY WINNER TRADING LIMITED in Dongguan Dr. Chu Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.Dr. Kitchen’s overall assessment is 700 million US dollars. After 100% equity transfer of Dr. Kitchen’s equity was transferred in full cash, Henglin shares promised to add 300 million yuan to the kitchenware.◆ The 2020 Chengdu Building and Decoration Materials Expo was postponed again on May 12th. Sauna and Yewang were informed that the 20th Chengdu Building and Decoration Materials Expo was postponed again and could be held on August 20-22, 2020. The venue is stillIt is the Western China International Expo City.The exhibition was originally scheduled for April 17-19, 2020.◆ Minhua Holdings ‘fiscal year 2020 revenue exceeded 10 billion. On May 15, Minhua Holdings released its fiscal year 2020 results. From April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020, the company achieved revenue of 121.4.4 billion US dollars, an increase of about 7 over the same period last year.9%; the annual profit attributable to equity owners of the company is 16.3.8 billion euros, an annual increase of 20.1%, basic profit profit 42.89 built.◆ On May 15th, the sales area of the national building materials and home furnishing stores dropped by nearly half in the first four months. The National Building Materials and Home Furnishing Index BHI showed that the National Building Materials and Home Furnishing Prosperity Index (BHI) was 85 in April 2020.73, an increase of 13.81 points, down by 15 every year.96 points.With the further strengthening of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the business activities of the national building materials and home furnishing market further resumed, and the number of building materials home furnishing stores above designated size in April was 525.8.6 billion, an increase of 60.07%, a decrease of 37 per year.73%.The cumulative budget from January to April was 1460.48 trillion, a year-on-year decline of 48.80%.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Jie editor Li Yang proofreading Chen Diyan