[Beauty essentials, mulberry wine]_Effect_Function

[Beauty essentials, mulberry wine]_Effect_Function

Mulberry has the effect of beauty and health, and eating it can nourish the blood and strengthen the liver.

The use of mulberry wine is the love of the majority of alcohol lovers. In addition to being rich in nutrients, converting vitamins, anthocyanins and other nutrients, it can also help frail patients to restore their physical strength.

How can we make a sweet and delicious mulberry wine? The following seven steps help us understand.

After the mulberry wine is infected, it can not only improve the cold problems of women’s hands and feet, but also overcome the effects of blood, kidney and eyesight.

First: mulberries that are ready to make wine. When you buy them, you must check to see if they are fresh. I picked them myself, so I do n’t have to worry about this. I never thought that it was still quite fresh overnight.Yes, it ‘s moldy, then use scissors to cut off the green handle. This one ca n’t be used for soaking. Third: I ‘m using old rock sugar, that is, rock sugar. When I bought it, it was bigger, so I knocked it on.A few times, it is not particularly small, but if you buy a packaging bag, you can use it without knocking. Fourth: Prepare the bottle for sparkling wine. Be sure to be oil-free and salt-free. I wash it one day in advance.Clean Fifth: Prepare white wine, I am the kind of sorghum wine, which is brewed in the countryside. Do not use rice wine and rice wine. High-grade white wine is easy to save.Pour into the liquor, make sure you have no ingredients, and then keep it in a sealed container. Mulberry wine is an ancient fruit wine from Chaoshan. It is made from mulberry fruit.