Union-wide law: Cloud medical group students warm heart

Since the People’s Network in Paris May 1 (Reporter Ho Sin) outbreaks in Europe, France has been in the vortex of the epidemic.

More than a month, leaving the law every day son are concerned about outbreaks reported, compared to a variety of data, from the initial panic and confused, but now gradually calm response.

In the meantime, due to the implementation of the French make off-limits, students can not just go out, can only stay at home by phone contact with each other, some students really even fever, cough and other symptoms, very worried afraid of emotions affect physical and mental health.

To this end, the whole law linkage with the power of social networks, not only the establishment of an online medical consulting group, has opened up more counseling online support, warmth protection and support for overseas students.

Online medical consultation help students through health difficulties since March, France 15 already overloaded emergency hotline, most of the time doctors recommend that home quarantine, some students more symptoms of anxiety and tension.

Faced with this situation, Ding Jian full legal co-chairs in early March began to lead the backbone of the Federation has created two "on-line medical advice" group, invited Chinese and French doctors and specialists sits inquiry to address the difficulty of getting medical students .

Paris seven classmates sudden shortness of breath at the end of a 3 am, the phone and call the emergency center in France, the ambulance finally arrived in the early morning.

Throughout the process, a physician’s assistant "Online Medical Advice ‘group and Ms. Chen Meng Li Wuzhi main group has been providing remote assistance, including communication with the French emergency doctors and so on, all night, accompanied the students to complete the examination, treatment and prescription process, It completed a remarkable first full night clinic emergency duty work.

The recovery of the students later took the initiative to participate in the work of the Federation issued health package, she said: "I accepted the help of too many people now want to help others." Medical group brings together medical professionals from France and China including the French practice of general practitioners, medical personnel, as well as from Beijing Union medical College hospital, Beijing 301 hospital, Chinese medical teams in Cameroon, the national space Center General hospital and other health care workers, as well as by the Guangdong provincial government, Guangdong Province, Western Returned Scholars Association support the formation of Guangzhou flower health management Limited’s volunteer team physician Dr.

Two-line medical group gathered nearly 40 Chinese and French medical experts, treatment of diseases for students to provide good advice and loving support. Online psychological support to provide warmth to accompany the implementation of off-limits for a long time has also brought a lot of pressure on students mental and spiritual level as students, in part because the students living alone, lack of contact with the outside world and feel depressed, anxious and irritable.

To mitigate the psychological impact of the epidemic on the students, all law and set up a joint group mental health counseling for the students to provide online counseling services free of charge, group bringing together 19 experienced experts at home and abroad and more than 10 volunteers, including France registered psychologist, clinical psychologist registered in France, the national secondary counselors, doctoral and post-doctoral psychology, psychiatrists and so on.

A group of experts in psychology, said: "The face of the epidemic, there are emotional reactions are normal performance, you need to learn how to correctly express and talk.

Some students will be at home cranky, suspicious especially heavy, and repeated body temperature, measured dozens of times a day, at this time, even 10-15 minutes right psychological counseling, you can give them to eat a reassurance.

"At present, mental health counseling group had 278 students online, experts and students interact, effective proposals. After the students get psychological comfort, the state is relatively stable.

In addition to online medical consultation, overseas students is most urgently needed medical supplies. Law Union actively mobilize the whole backbone of the country, a number of students sent to the thermometer, medicines, vegetables, food, face masks and other supplies within the limits of its resources.

In addition, under the guidance of Chinese Embassy in France, with full legal and volunteers are also actively involved in "health package" paid leave law child, solve a lot of students living overseas lack of medicine, epidemic prevention materials urgent needs. Thousands of miles across difficult family situation, it is the rush to the rescue of these clouds across thousands of miles, to overseas students bring warmth and strong support. (Editor: Liu Jie Yan, Yang Mu) share to allow more people to see.