Three wins in five sets!

I have figured out your boy’s chess path,You will know how good I am!”
Huang Lao set the plate with an unconvinced blowing beard and staring,Chen Xiu smiled,He often played chess with these old men when he was in the country,I’ve long been used to them, old guys like them are not convinced and killed by a little young man.,Desperate。
Chen Xiu set the chessboard,Look up,I saw the silent secretary behind Huang Lao secretly acting on himself。
“He asked me to release water?”
Chen Xiu shook his head slightly,He is not an idiot,It’s only then that Huang Lao is a high-ranking figure,Otherwise, I can’t live in the security
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The person in charge of the medical team said that the probability of 10% is actually too high,According to his previous experience, there are not five successful cases out of 100。
“Let me do it。”
Gong Changchun said to Chen Xiu:“Help old Shi up!”
Chen Xiu jumped onto the bed and held him up,Gong Changchun stripped away Shi Lao’s clothes,Turn the ring on the left middle finger with your right hand,Draw a silky gold thread directly from the ring。
“Golden needle!”
The head of the medical team screamed out,An unknown doctor next to him asked in a low voice:“Professor Li,What is special about this golden needle?”