The land capital enters the Taiwan University to reduce the 70% reduction, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party wants to shirk responsibility? (Sun Month)

  "This is the phenomenon that is not good at both strait relationship!" This exclaimed from Taiwan’s "Business Times" in the recently. What happened? Let’s see a group of data. The competent authorities of the Economic Affairs of the Taiwan authorities have announced statistics: Approve Lu Ying to Tailou (increase) the amount of money in the first three quarters of this year, which is reduced by the same period of last year; the first three quarters of Taiwan approved Lu Ying Taiwan investment number 26 , The number of investments in September is zero from the same period last year.

Such a phenomenon is very unusual.

  What’s the problem? One of the people in the island will be seen that the people made by the DPP’s authorities are the main factors, their attitudes are unity and all kinds of interference, leading to the reduction of land. Do they do it? We will review the DPP’s authorities in recent years, we can understand that it is non-mapped: in order to limit land-entry, the Ministry of Protection has developed harsh provisions and puts "single-layer" over 30% Or companies such as land-funded companies, such as land capital enterprises, strictly control their entrance island; at the same time, they also repair the mainland OTT (network streaming media) landlocked in Taiwan through the agent. On the pressing of land-funded enterprises, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party was first based on the newly revised "French" to prohibit Iqiyi and Tencent, and then the "Taobao Taiwan" is 410,000 yuan. Xin Tai currency fine. And for 6 months withdrawal or "corrected" forcing Taobao Taiwan to withdraw from the inland market.

  In addition, the Green Media and Net Army of the DemocreTerate Party authorities also brushfully fooled the sea. Shentian fishing Taiwan branch uses the camera, intending to pass the "monitoring screen" back to the mainland. They madly rendered the safety threat, whickers called the relevant departments to "dispose of law according to law". Land-funded encompasses can increase the investment in the island, providing taxes, providing collaboration and employment opportunities for the island industry, and also enriching the consumption choices of Taiwan people, and there are many benefits. However, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party is "persecutive to intersection", Hu Yu land investment station will lead to the mainland to control Taiwan’s economic lifeline, threaten Taiwan’s safety, and will be "explosive bag" in Taiwan.

Under the driving of this ideology, the Ministry of Progressive Party has continuously improving evil, unscrupulous means to restrict and obstruct mainland enterprises, and spare no effort to advocate "New South to" "Taihang return" "restructuring Chain, etc. For the Democrepreneurial Administration, only to try to exclude the martyrdom of land, block the mainland products, ban cross-strait exchanges, do not let Taiwanese people benefit from it, and it is convenient for the "anti-inbound" atmosphere, and the "Taiwan independence" . However, the Ministry of the Democracy Party is moving, and it is impact on the trend and market law of the times, and affects the overall situation. Statistics show that in the past five years, Taiwan has only averaged only about the export growth rate of "New Southward" countries, and is far from 2008 to 2016%.

The Ministry of Progressive Party spent a huge budget, but the results did not increase. In addition, the DPP authorities have signed FTA with Western countries, but they have not been here; they are shouting "Welcome Taiwanese Home", but how the investor has solved the "five lack of" problems in the island. On the contrary, from January to October this year, Taiwan’s exports to the mainland (including Hong Kong, the same) exported by billion US dollars, which is the highest, year-on-year growth in the same period over the years.

In 2020, Taiwan’s exports to the mainland (including Hong Kong) were billions of US dollars, which increased year-on-year, accounting for% in Taiwan’s total exports. These data sufficiently indicated that the economic integration of cross-strait trade continued to be deepened. With the support of the relevant departments of the mainland, "31 measures" "26 measures", "22 measures", etc., such as agricultural and forestry, etc., are constantly being fulfilled, and the investment of Taiwan companies in the mainland has increased, and the industry The scale is further expanded, and more and more Taiwan companies choose to be listed in the mainland.

From Heilongjiang and cattle farming to Guangxi’s dragon fruit planting, from Jiangsu’s scientific and technological industries to Sichuan’s large health industry, more and more Taiwanese Taiqing choose to fight in the mainland, seize development opportunities, and realize life value. Cross-strait compatriots are in the community, and the economic and social integration of cross-strait economy and social integration cannot be blocked. Political fucks have not turned their historical laws and economic laws.

If the DemocreTerate Party authorities have created two-shore opposition, we want to rely on "anti-enema" to obtain political capital, will only increase the "blood loss" of Taiwan’s economy, seriously damage the people’s livelihood in the island, and there is no difference in "self seeking short see". (Editor: Niu Yi, Yue Hongbin) Share more people to see.