Contrary to the wind,A total,If you can let the little girl“Out of the devil”,Will not read his big work,Return him back to the door?

But refreshment,Little sister this nature,If you are against her,Waiting for Master“go”NS,I am afraid that I am buried in Taohua Island.,She can dig out……I don’t dare to act rashly.。
“If it is really a teacher、Returne,The brother is dead.。”Landing wind special emphasis,Be“Lion Master”。
After the land, you will look at the german.,Test:“I don’t know Chu Xiong, I have seen the teacher.?”
The land is estimated to have never seen it.,Otherwise, with his master’s sex,Can let the teacher follow this Chu is too old?
Chu Deirers have not spoken yet,Huang Rong grabbed one step:“Of course!I will still‘Capture’Taught him,I have never learned.!”
Landing wind:???
What is Huang Rong has not learned,This is a spot,The brothers of their teachers have never learned!
Even this taught Chu Tai,Could not……
Then, there is certain that the rivers and lakes have been mistaken.,Think……The son is actually cleansing,Therefore, the teacher is very satisfied with him.!
Chu Dee people look down on the wind complicated face,I always feel that he is misunderstood.,So special explanation:“Previously, Huangdao Lord and Li girl were misunderstood,I am a mediation.。”
“Li girl?”The land is still not reacted。
“It is the Fairy、Li Faizi。”Chu Deiren said。
Landing wind:……
At this time, land is looking at the eyes of Chu Deirers.,Already more complicated——How did you bother??You and you have“Those rumors”Li Mozhen seeing the teacher together,En-teacher also teaches you to play?
Obviously he is a subtle misunderstanding,Chu Deiren met Huang Rong、And encounter the sequence of yellow pharmacists……
So land ride to Chu Deirers,Just shocked,If you have this quarter of this very,Will not be interrupted、Go out of the island?
Chapter 389 is not a human head
After describing the relationship between the brothers and sisters,Landing wind against Huang Rong、Containment with Chu Deirers,Be called“attentive”。
“Crown,quick,See you teacher!”Land, the son。
“And slow!Brother,I see that Lang did not learn the martial arts of Taohua Island.,There are no more benefits by Taohua Island,This‘Teacher’I can’t accept it.。”Huang Rong stops。
The age is nothing,Exchange a situation,Such an adult called his own teacher,Huang Rong will only feel interesting,But now Huang Rong and Chu Demen have been in a long time.,“evil”It’s more and more,It is not so good to have a wind to her.……
“Where is this teacher?,If there is no teacher,Where there will be the wind、Where can I have crown??”Landing is not suspicious, putting your son.。
Huang Rong Wen Yan also resolved,Chu Deiren saw a sentence:“All right,The teacher called it.,I have not been the benefits of Taohua Island in the past,Then you have a good one,Museum of gotting him to take into the island is。”
Huang Rong also felt this truth,Landing wind is some tangled,On the one hand, it is happy for the crown.,On the other hand, there are some worried teachers who know will be dissatisfied.……
“it is good,That Lu Shi,You will follow my brothers in the future.,Remember。”Huang Rong told himself。
“Sister,This……Enssen……”The land is still hesitant。
“If the brother is not taught,That Lu Shaozhuang is also called my teacher.!”Huang Rong。
Lu Zi Feng see Huang Rong so resolute,This is only rubbing my eyes.:“Crown,Not thank you teacher?In the future, you will also return to Taohua Island.!In the future, if you have a blessing,See the teacher。”
Although Lu Guanying is a disciple of Xianxiapai, Shaolin,But it is a popular disciple.,Now Lu Guanying also has another teacher,Just cultivate martial arts with your father,Not to make anything taboo。
And even if there is anything taboo?,Land-riding sex,I will waste my son’s martial arts,Let him re-practiced——My Peach Blossom is the world’s first!
After Huang Rong、Continuous with Chu Deirers,Returned by the highest standards in return to Yunzhuang,Let Chu Deirers feel good。
After the bureau,Chu Deirers also sigh Huang Rong:“You must learn from Luzhuang’s brothers.!”