but,Li Ming doesn’t have much meaning to entangle with the Waning Moon World God。

Heart world,Come!Haohao Tangtang’s heart power surrounds it。
The illusory world is indistinct,But there is a feeling of being born in the world。
The world of heart raised by the way of heart formation,Even if suppressed,Still terrible to the extreme。
on the one hand,The world of heart blesses its own secrets。on the other hand,The world of heart seeps into sword aura,Will weaken the power of Sword Qi Secret Art。
Come and go,It’s as if one’s own strength has doubled!
If it’s a simple secret technique,Li Ming’s《Wanjie mixed cave sand》Can barely contend《Moon Shadow Sword Qi》,But under the influence of the world of heart,Directly crushed the sword energy domain。
The face of the waning moon world god changed drastically,“Mental flow?”
The horror of the spiritual practitioner,Even the waning moon world god is not willing to face it。
The key is,The waning moon world god had absolute assurance of life preservation and escape—Until Li Ming showed the world of heart!
“It seems we still have to use this life-saving treasure!”The waning moon world god gritted his teeth,A broken golden scroll appeared in the palm。
This treasure,Ethnic group(Dark country)Gift,Precious。
If it wasn’t for her to realize the strongest way,I even plan to explore the strongest way of fusion,Extraordinary potential。
The ethnic group will not in order to guarantee a semi-top Taoist monarch,It is even hoped that the seed of the peak Taoist will not die,To bestow such a treasure。