Since it is hard to escape,Li Tianzhi was a lot more indifferent,But then I saw a lot of familiar standard weapons beside the altar,Suddenly,He seems to have guessed the plan of the blood family。

He will not feel sad about being trapped,Only regret,Recall that the big praying mantis attacked the equipment transport convoy,Not just for revenge and warning,But looting frantically,Maybe it’s for the blood race to master human weapons as soon as possible,If things go in this direction,Will be extremely scary,The mantis hasn’t come back yet,And Shen Wenyu never showed up,I’m afraid Old Man Dong will have more trouble there,Unfortunately, unable to send the message。
Chapter Nine Hundred and Eighty Seven Wasteland Interception
50 miles northeast of the col,There is a collapsed ancient riverbed that is significantly lower than the surface and stretches eastward to the distance,The western end of the river bed is in the wasteland,There is an obvious sedimentary lowland,Large area,Can be inferred from the circles of geological deposits,It used to be a large lake,Is the famous Xiaoqinggou。
This unknown river bed used to be an inverted river,The river comes from the east,Inject into Xiaoqinggou,Wasteland lake,As for why it is called Xiaoqinggou,No way to verify,But the water in Xiaoqinggou is long gone,The unknown river has dried up for hundreds of thousands of years。
Along the north side of the riverbed,There are rows of marching tents,Behind is a light green military truck,Under the night,No light,There is no activity around those tents and trucks,Just stopped there quietly,Like the dark bumps in the wasteland,Observing these bulges at high altitude, I would like to look at the large unweathered rock group,But it seems too neat,unnatural,Or it’s like a ruined ancient building,Although it sounds reluctant,But it’s clear under the heavy snow。
And on the south rim of the wasteland, which is nearly 100 miles southeast of the mountain pass,There is a fleet running from east to west,Even if it’s dark,The wind and snow did not slow down at all,Or stop and rest,The convoy will naturally go to the depths of the wasteland,The road where the three military vehicles were ambushed。
Old man Dong is in the first car,Except instructors、Lan Ling and other old partners outside,There are many practitioners,Share on other vehicles,It can be said,Except for his Uncle Xu,Almost all the masters in the spiritual world are in the team。
So arranged,It is equivalent to abandoning the monitoring and defense of three space rifts,This is an emergency decision,It’s also planned,Although a little hasty,Although Old Man Dong doesn’t want to make a desperate move,But always focus on one end,This critical moment,Finding balance is not a wise move,The buried hill of the wasteland is the focus,Old man Dong believes in Li Tianzhi’s judgment。
Old man Dong has received the news that the convoy ahead was ambushed,Originated from Li Tianzhi,Is also equivalent to warning him,So he restrained his impulse,All practitioners are strictly prohibited from flying in the air,Stay honestly in the team and treat yourself as an ordinary person,There is a terrible big praying mantis in the wasteland,This is what Li Tianchou said,If there is a fierce battle ahead,Old man Dong decided to turn the possible attack into an ambush,He is not sure,But it must be done。
There is a pair of eyes in the sky staring at every inch of the wasteland,There are other eyes hidden in the lead cloud,The owners of the eyes are whispering,Hesitate to hijack the convoy,Because some owners are greedy,Some owners are anxious,And the owner with the biggest eyes has never expressed his opinion。
Greedy eyes want to rob the two convoys together,And the anxious eyes kept reporting urging orders from the Col.,Of course it’s from the high priest,Strictly hierarchical blood,No one dares to disobey the high priest,Even the detached swordsman is no exception。
Swordsman is very unwilling,He knows that Li Xiucheng is engaged in a sneak attack in the Col.,Is boring,But at the same time weird,So many elders、Priests and lords,Can’t deal with a Li Xiucheng?Did this fellow bring other strong support?
Once this idea appears,It’s hard for the knife man to be at ease,But there is always something to do before leaving,Intuition tells him that it is safer to attack the large convoy in the northeast,But time is too late,Then the goal under the nose is the only choice,The knife can easily perceive the danger,There must be human practitioners in the convoy,And a lot of,But he doesn’t care。