Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake

Chapter 827 afterwards
Chu Deee has gradually been“Tiangou Die Dan”Effectiveness,Unfortunately, it is too late.。
I can’t think of myself with myself.,Finally, I was still awkward.——God Hou this dead state,Actually, I still control myself first.?
Daylight,Chu Deiren two tired——Double tired。
Previously, Murong Jiu has a fierce and poisonous power.,I didn’t stop Yun Luo……
At this time, Murongjiu has been dressed in well.,Wine-up is made as breakfast yet last night.。
Fossil,Name is not flexible。
Yun Luo also woke up first,At this time, the labor is worn.,It seems that it is not convenient to act,but……At least first help the Chu Dee in the coat。
After that, he has been red.,Sitting on a low head,I ignive the Chu Deirers lying on the ground,Also ignore the county horse who is eating breakfast。
“call……”Chu Deirers lost at this time,At the same time, the whole body is sweating。
The final effect of the Tiangou Die Dan Dan is also discharged.……
I heard the voice of Chu Deirers,Yun Luo shouted。
“you……you’re awake?”Yunlo is a bit embarrassed to see Chu Deirers,Have a low right away。
“kindness。”Chu Deirers also face red,Don’t dare to move,After all, I just covered clothes.。
“Humph,At this time, it should be served.,Wear clothes?Xincheng Enze is inert?”Murongjin on Yunluo High Standard、Strictly demanding。
Yun Luo Wen Yan immediately looked over:“Is this what the county horse should say??”
Take advantage of Yun Luo’s attention,Chu Deer quickly dressed clothes——have“Treasure”,A second、A second clothes,Not in words!
“What is going on??”Chu Deee frowned to look down“Snare”,At this time, the body is already different.,Both people、As a woman。
“Yup!Small slaves will not have something?”Yun Luo also looks at Murongjiu immediately,Or I don’t look at the Chu Deirers.。
Before Yunli worriedly asked Murongjiu,According to her statement,Xiao 10 eight nine should have no life danger,Where is it being dizzy?。
“It is the world’s first in the world.,No one knows his real name,Before you are surprised by you,It should be the first thief of the world.。”Murongjiu as a yellow word,Nature also recognizes these two people。
“He listened to us before.?”Chu Deiren heard a big frown。
“Can’t hear,Finally, I heard a few more words.。”Murong 9 said again“Snare”。
Yishengri is certainly heard a lot,Although it is a snorker,Not saying any confidentiality,But indirectly leaked the secret of Chu Deirers and Murong County……
Fortunately, Murong Jiu is changing,I will kill it on the spot.!
As a result,Chu deer simulated in his mind,Zhao ignored the motivation of this、And what he acquired。
kindness?seem……He probably thinks,Your own plan?
Chu Deirers are in resentment,Some jigs——This old thing is bad,I will help you rescue your heart a few days ago.,After you, you are yin me.?Pagger because,He is likely to be further misleading!
I am thinking about Chu Deirers,Suddenly,Yunlo is unresponsible to see the look outside,Some embarrassed and hidden helplessness。
Chu Deirens also looked at Murongjiu,I found that Murong County said that there is no comfort of the county.,Instead, I smiled.:“You hurry,Maximum words,After that, we have to leave immediately.,Otherwise God may suspect。”
Said that I actually went out,Leave only Yun Luo and Chu Deirers。