My grass……This poisonous tongue!

I don’t want myself to come back.!
Tall,How much thing is lost for you?!
Zhou Ye:“Unloading killing,I haven’t gone yet.,You start curse me.。”
“Cuise you, what I am?Yes, you have to make yourself,You are a donkey,Also stupid。”Shu Lu smiled。
Quarrel, noisy,Every day is still bullied,Zhou Ye I really want to wow the tears.!
“Ugh……Sister with deer, this teacher,I am really difficult.。”Zhou Ye turned and looked at Zhou Liang,I hope to get a touch from her.。
After all, Zhou Liang can be more than Mu’s guy.,gentle、good、beauty、Generous……
Zhou Ye, my eyes,Lips:“antelope,Do you want to say anything??You see this deer sister, I am old.。”
Weekly is wearing a light blue shirt today.,White coat outside,The temperament of the whole person is quiet and gentle。
Zhou Ye is on her body,I suddenly didn’t want to move again.。
I went to Wuhan in the future.,But you can’t see these two beautiful women.!
Weekly laughs:“What can I say?,You and Lu Lu are in love every day.,I am like a bulb.。”
Her laugh is a bit helpless,Just like a thoughts,Pale lips don’t have any blood color,A little big illness。
“antelope,Your face is not good.。”Zhou Niwu has changed a topic,Care。
Weighing“Um?”A sentence,Take out the mobile phone to switch to the camera of the camera,“It seems to be a bit。”
Shu Lu also dragged the chair,Slim Shu Deer,I want to take a closer look.。
The chairs in the office are pulled,So there will be“Gure”the sound of。
Shu Lu is stupid,It’s funny in the picture of the sliding chair.。
Listen to the friction of the pulley and the ground,Zhou Ye won the laugh:“What is the situation?,do not you know?Not because of your pitb。”
Pitb,Shu Dee’s anger:“pitbWho said??”
Zhou Yewu is also a tiger,But still strongly:“Do you know what kind of behavior you belong??You are not flowering。”
Shu Dee appeared big eyes,Confused:“What is the relationship between this and the narcissus??”
Zhou Ye is laughing:“Narcissus does not bloom,Garlic!”
Shu Lu just want to talk,Zhou Ye is so busy:“If you are not a duty yesterday, it is not pulling a week antelope.,Can she be so tired??”
Questioning the dumb,Shu Lu standing up,If you are a little distance from Zhou Ye,I really want a spit directly to drown him.!
Zhou Ye smirked。
Weekly looks at the mouth,I also laughed。
“Don’t quarrel,Do you think about what to eat at noon??”Xie Lu。
NS78chapter Road is long
about……Lunch problem,Is this not a thing that can solve a meal card??
Zhou Ye went to Shu Lu,Then it means a deep laugh.。
“Hey-hey。”He smashed his mouth,Laofeng card。
Zhou Ye played Mudu in the morning to look at his meal card,The big shake and turned around her.,Therefore, as a yin and yang strangely:“well,Everyone is working hard.,I still eat at noon, please eat.,Canteen meal casual point,Let go of it!”
“Your uncle,Laptain。”Shu Lu looked with his own meal card,Don’t hit one place。
“Holding my meal card with you,Then please ask us to eat??Yes?King……”Mu deer almost“Son of a bitch”Swear,But behind the footsteps made her hurry.。
Zhou Yewu and Mu Lu are too happy to be too happy.,I have forgotten the door of the Office of the Doctor’s Office for a moment.!