quickly,One person, one cow, bring suitable weights,Started running on the huge playground。

“remember,Squeeze your last bit of strength!”
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Zefa looked blankly at one person and one cow sweating like rain,Two people are getting slower and slower,Slowly until the end, the whole body is twitching。
but,Leo and Green Bull still did not give up,One step is one step,It takes a few seconds to run even one more step。
Zefa did not say a word because of the ink marks of two people,Instead, there is a hint of approval in his eyes。
Most people do not habitually squeeze themselves to the limit,The body cannot enter a state of rejection so quickly。
“It seems this kid didn’t lie to me,Really pays attention to physical exercise!”Zefa touched his chin。
Talent is one aspect,Perseverance is another aspect。
such as,That yellow ape。
Although I have to admit that Huang Yuan is very strong,Even stronger than he is now,But Huang Yuan is too dependent on fruit。
It’s not that Zefa has any prejudice against Devil Fruit,The red dog and the green pheasant also put the development fruit first。
the difference is,When training,The green pheasant and the red dog did not give up this kind of training that squeezed the body to the limit,And Huang Yuan always picks up children。
This has nothing to do with strength,But an attitude to make yourself stronger。
in other words,If the yellow monkey exercises like the green pheasants,Maybe the strength can stabilize the other two people。
“Leo’s physical ability is the fifth energy level,It’s top notch for young people under 17,If you can keep going,But the future can be expected!That kung fu manatee is also good,Just a little older!”
Kung Fu Manatee’s age calculation method is obviously different from that of humans,Judging by Zefa’s eyes,This Kung Fu manatee is probably over forty years old,Even if you are young in the manatee,Still can’t hide the disadvantages of old age。