“Yes,We all pin our hopes on you,Why didn’t you stop it,You made it the dragon king,Became the death of all of us,It will kill us all,I don’t want to die,I don’t want to die!”Someone from Shenfan Academy also jumped out and accused Zhu Minglang。

Zhu Minglang touched his head,This classmate from Shenfan Academy is really right,Indeed, he made the evil star dragon become the dragon king。
“Everybody,Today I wish Minglang happy to mention a dragon king,I wonder if you have any good suggestions,Help me, the celestial dragon, choose a name that will scare the enemy,I am naming,Really bad。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Little Master,What time is it,You still want to name the dragon,The little uncle is indifferent to life and death,Really my generation……”Some natural dull Haoye was talking,Suddenly realized something was wrong,He hurriedly glanced at the powerful dragon,I took another look at Zhu Minglang。
That day,Standing behind Zhu Minglang。
Although it does look like death,But why didn’t you kill the killer???
“Little Master,What did you just say,Siti Dragon King??”Hao Ye asked dumbfounded。
“Yep,I help it through,It signed a spiritual contract with me,Now Tianshalong is my fifth dragon favorite!”I wish Minglang speak,Is so calm and calm,But his heart runs counter to his expressions,Especially seeing the shock of these people!
“you……You tame it??”Tu Wenhe asked incredulously。
“Otherwise, with the slaughter speed of the Dragon,Everyone is a pile of bones。”Zhu Minglang said。
“it is true?”Nan Lingsha looked at Zhu Minglang,Ask seriously。
“of course。”Zhu Minglang laughed。
“Dean,Dean,Dean, are you okay???”Fan Lu screamed,No matter how hard you can help Yan Guang,Yan Guang finally collapsed like a puddle of mud!
Yan Guang, the person of order, seems to have died completely!
Facing the Heavenly Fiend Dragon Fall,He just feels terrified and humble,But it’s not going to die like this,As if Zhu Minglang tamed the news of the Dragon King,It’s even more unacceptable than the successful ascension of the evil star dragon!