“I should have thought it was you!”

The person in front of you is Wang Zilin, who Chen Xiu thought was already buried in the sea,He thought it was Wang Zilin before,But it all happened in a flash。
After all, I was looking for Wang Zilin’s whereabouts.,He asked Xiaolongwang to salvage most of the fishing boats on Australia Island,The result is nothing,Everyone thought that Wang Zilin was buried in the sea。
Wang Zilin turned around and wanted to rush out,Chen Xiu naturally can’t let her go。
People who care about every day and night appear in front of us,How to make her leave herself!
Chen Xiu hugged her from behind,Muttering:“I won’t let you go,Never let you disappear before my eyes,I can’t bear the feeling of losing you anymore!”
“let me go……let me go……You pretending to be dizzy……”
Wang Zilin struggles hard,Chen Xiu hugged her from behind,Can’t break free。
“Sorry,I will never pretend to be dizzy again!”
“Humph,Don’t you already have Osheng,What are you holding me for!”
Chen Xiu was half hit by lightning,I finally understand the slums in Saigon that day,Why does she get angry when she mentions Osheng!
She is jealous!
In this way,She is struggling,Still loving myself!
But when I think of O Sheng,Chen Xiu suddenly felt like his chest was pressed,I can’t persuade him。
He loves Wang Zilin,Also love Osheng!
Ou Sheng is definitely not a substitute for Wang Zilin in the future。
Just now……
Wang Zilin is back,How should he choose?
Seeing Chen Xiu was just standing there,Holding one’s hand and gradually let go,Wang Zilin is even more furious:“Go find your Osheng!”