“Hello there!I am Wang Youcai,What do you do?”Wang Youcai bites his head,Whispered。

Just listen to each other:“There was a robbery at the Youcai Limin Clinic tonight,Because the alarm is timely,Robber has been arrested,But the clerk was surprised…”
“I know how to do it”Wang Youcai interrupted the other party,Hung up the phone and turned and ran。
Chen Yueqin has a look,Asked anxiously:“What happened,You can leave after eating!”
“Something happened in the clinic”When Wang Youcai said this,,People are already in the car。He quickly started the car,A quick turn around。When Chen Yueqin arrives in the yard,He drove out the gate。
Xiping Village at this time,Salute,The whole village is shrouded in a festive atmosphere。Wang Youcai drove the car,Ran out of the village,Speed up to rush towards the city。
The breath of the Spring Festival,Strong taste in the countryside,But in the ordinary city,This kind of smell,But it can’t be compared with Xiping Village。
Maybe so good people have gone back to the countryside to celebrate the New Year,The whole street,Fewer cars and fewer people,Feel a lot deserted。Wang Youcai has a panic,I stopped the car at the door of the small clinic。
The door of the small clinic is down,But the lights inside can be seen clearly from outside,Explain that there should be someone inside。Wang Youcai knocked twice,Shout loudly:“Chrysanthemum orchid!I am Wang Youcai,Open the door!”
The scroll box door opened with a crash,Wang Youcai just walked in,Julan suddenly rushed out from the side,Suddenly he hugged Wang Youcai tightly。Wang Youcai could feel Julan’s body trembling slightly。It seems she was terrified。
“do not be afraid!I’m coming”Wang Youcai said,Gently patted Julan’s back。
First2288chapter Inside the closed small clinic
Julan, who was slowing down, slowly released Wang Youcai。She is pale,Gasped and said:“It’s really scary,Scared to death”
“Damn!Money is outside the body,Someone robbed you for them,Don’t let anyone hurt yourself”Wang Youcai said,Pull up Julan,But he didn’t find that Julan was injured。
Wang Youcai lifted the thermos behind the door,I poured a glass of water for Julan and said:“Don’t be afraid,I’m coming,What’s up for me,You should watch a horror movie”
“More than 300 yuan was robbed,Fortunately, the person who came to buy medicine went to the door and found an abnormality,Reported the case in advance,Otherwise there is a difference of two thousand yuan in the drawer”Julan drinking water,Said a little nagging。