Seeing the enemy’s moves are endless,Chen Xiu was unexpectedly dangerous,All martial arts are pure,This way,So there was a long whistle:“Promise cut!”

An infinite chopping circle draws out on the right hand,Cut to the person in front of you。
Promise has not arrived,As if the air has been cut sharply。
That person dare not care,Shouted:“Combine!”
The other six are standing behind him in file,Put your palms on the back of the predecessors,Pour all your true energy into the former’s body。
The one in front pushed out with both fists,Hit on Wuji Slash,“Bang!”Two powerful forces attacked together,The ground under everyone’s feet was all cracked。
At a time, two forces are equally equal,Bite together。
“My chance is here!”
Yue Wu saw Chen Xiu and his companions deadlocked together,Directly pulled the trigger,A bullet hit Chen Xiu’s forehead。
Seeing that the bullet is about to hit Chen Xiu’s right temple,Yue Wu is about to jump for joy,Then know that the bullet turned around!
It directly hit the forehead of the person in front of Chen Xiu.。
Zombie’s thick-skinned head,So that the bullet didn’t get into his brain,But the strong impact of the bullet still made his head dizzy。
“Lao Wu,You beat me to dry hair……”
He was furious,Blurt out,Don’t want this opening,Made the seven of them really angry,Chen Xiu draws a circle of Wuji Slash again and hits the previous Wuji Slash,Two infinity cuts into one,Suddenly increase in power,Directly cut off that person’s palm,Castrated,Wujizhan flew quickly from the necks of the seven,The seven heads fell to the ground one after another。
“I am not aiming……”
Yue Wu wants to explain on the roof of the car,Seven people have moved their heads before they are finished,So shocked that his mouth couldn’t close for a long time。