Both people can’t hold! Baoshan Changning has a rare hundred years ancient Chinese

Ancient mulberry trees in the hundred years old. People’s Net Pasil September 8th, electricity diversity is the most valuable wealth to human beings, which is an important basis for human beings to survive and develop. In the Yun Street, Yunjie, Yunjie, Yunjie, Yunnan Province, Yunjie Village, growing a hundred-year old ancient mulberry tree, although after a hundred years of wind and rain, it still branched leafy, the green tree crown is like a giant umbrella, the branch is still fruitful. It is amazing.

This ancient mulberry tree is located in a large farmhouse in the village group of Dadujing. According to measurement, the tree is more than 30 meters, the bust is rice, the two adults of the thick trunk are not coming, and there is about 2 meters from the ground. 3 The large lateral branch, the maximum lateral branch is nearly 1 meter, so the rare ancient mulberry tree is rare in Changning.

This ancient mulberry tree will have a lot of fruits every year. In May, the fruit of May has become a purple, amazed, its fruit is in different fruits with ordinary mulberry fruit, shape Different, it is elongated, and the taste is sweeter. The mulberry tree is treasure, and the farmer will have a total of the general meeting. This discovery is very rare whether it is from the plant height or the crown, it is important for studying the biological characteristics and growth habits of mulberry.

Today, local villagers have spontaneously protected the ancient mulberry tree. (Wusheng Yu, Shi Ning Yuxi / Figure) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.