94-year-old academician, "boy love Di", but also award winner, "Zhang Dad" team … Shanghai "Most Burn" red carpet show!

Director, Director of the Precision Forming National Engineering Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Director of Shanghai Jiaotong University Hydrogen Science Center, also slowly came.

Academician of Ding Wenjiang has been engaged in the first introduction of magnesium alloy for more than 30 years, led more than 300 R & D teams to achieve basic research, application development, engineering and technology transfer, and created Shanghai Jiaotong University Hydrogen Science Center in 2019.

"I hope that the stage of the Shanghai Science and Technology Festival will become a platform, which is normal from the festival.

Academician of Ding Wenjiang said.

At the Shanghai Foreign Expert Representative, Vice Chairman of the World Top Scientist Association The deputy general command of the third phase of the monthly project, the deputy general command of the Tianxie No. 1 detector, and also rushing to the red carpet, showing the confident style of contemporary scientists.

Under the guidance of the sea, let life make life better as the team leader of Shanghai Xinzhang Pneumonia Clinical Treatment expert group, "Zhang Dad" nickname Zhang Wenhong does not seem to last year "Lone Shadow only", with his infection department team Member: Attending physician Liu Qi, the attending physician Sun Feng, attending physician Ai Jingwen, etc. I will take the red carpet together.

Professor Zhang Wenhong took the lead in forming the "Shanghai Program" of New Crown Pneumonia Medical Treatment, and be good at using the "understanding of the science" to solve the people, and become the "custom sea otter" that people believe in.

"Science and technology achievements, the people’s popular cooperation is made by multiple teams." Zhang Wenhong said, "Shanghai Science and Technology Festival enables science and technology workers to establish more communication and communication between the scientific and technological workers and the people. Under the guidance of science, let our life are more beautiful. "On the same day, finally embarked on the scientific red carpet, is the youngest science and technology force – a winner of the large-scale adolescent science dream show" Youth Ai Di "winners.

Among them, there is a student of East China University of Science and Technology Zhao Tian Zhang, Shanghai Normal University, Affiliated, Longhua Middle School, University of Columbia, University of Columbia, Pan Bai, Canada, University of Ottawa, Canada.

Although it is only a school student, they have a keen perspective and a whimsy, and have a series of scientific research results. This group of teenagers put on a trousers, elegant dress, tall and straight.

Getting red carpets with science big coffee, let them feel proud, "also let us make more determination to contribute to China’s science and technology!" Excellent contribution to outstanding scientists and scientists, is Shanghai to have The Source of the Power of the Sports Innovation Center of the Global Influence.

The 2021 Shanghai Science and Technology Festival will launch more than 2,300 activities around the top ten theme sections, inherit the scientific spirit, use the historical history of science and technology, and talk about science and technology stories, condense technology power, in the whole society Creating a good innovative culture atmosphere.

The city’s committees, various districts, colleges, research institutes, key laboratories, engineering technology centers, foreign capital research institutions, science bases, enterprises, etc. Base open activities and technology competitions, science premises, youth scientific exploration, etc., let public sharing technology feast.

(Source: Pudong released) (Editor: Chen Chen, Han Qing).