Rehabilitation e-commerce market, looking forward to global opportunities, Wish2021 Global Annual Seller Summit is held deeply

Summary: This summit will be a LeTSTandard with key projects such as Wishstandards with Leet! On the afternoon of November 9, Wish2021 global annual sellers jointly held in Shenzhen ended in Shenzhen. This summit will be awarded by Lets, together with fun! For the theme, inviting many high-level and industry guest multi-angle re-discharge 2021 e-commerce development, looking forward to e-commerce future.

Wish also releases a Web-annual strategy at this summit, with a deep analysis of Wishstandards and other key projects, and help merchants seize opportunities and expand the global market.

(WISH2021 Global Annual Seller Summit) WishcfoviVianliu and Deputy Secretary-General of Shenzhen Cross-border E-Commerce Association, Shenzhen Zhongzhi Cross-border E-Commerce Research Institute, Xing Kang male, the opening ceremony and kicked off for this summit. (WISHCFOVIVIANLIU Opening) In the first topic sharing, WishctofARHANGKASSAEI issued a Wish annual strategy. Looking back in the first half of 2021, with the global home order relaxation and economic restart, consumer demand began to slow down, but Wish still had a batch of stable and loyal users. In the first half of 2021, Wish revenue reached 100 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 25%. Among them, the United States is the highest market for Wish sales, and the best selling products are clothing, interest, 3C electronics, etc. Looking forward to the next stage, Wish will enhance the merchant service and improve the user experience, launch a new Wishstandards project, assess high-quality merchants and give rewards; online merchants promotion platform, allowing merchants to create various promotion activities; adjust freight programs, improve global logistics System, etc. (WiSHCTOFARHANGKASSAEI publishing an annual strategy) As an important part of the Wish year strategy, the Wishstandards project will measure merchants from user ratings, order performance, and performance, effective logistics tracking rate, refund rate, Wish policy compliance, etc. Quality merchants. According to the head of the project, the product manager Danyu introduces, Wish will be inclined with high-quality merchants, including waterfall flow or other recommended sectors in Wish homepage; high-quality merchant badges will also be displayed in the whole process of shopping, helping merchants to establish Brand and faithful user groups; there are also commission discounts, faster, and other rewards.

Through Wishstandards project, Wish encourages merchants to continue to optimize consumer shopping experience, improve consumer satisfaction, and get long-term development.

(Wishstandards Project, Product Manager Danyu Sharing) Main Site Sharing More than 500,000.

43% of these users are Millennium generation, 90% of users activities are completed by mobile applications.

In terms of user behavior, Wish users like to browse interest-oriented waterfall streams instead of product search, Wish will continue to open up discovery of e-commerce shopping, through discovery shopping homepage, new promotion show, high-quality merchant exclusive sector, online video function, etc. Personalized shopping experience, and launch the second version of the merchant brand store to help merchants build a brand.

(Wish Chief Product Official Tarunjain Share) 2022, Merchants will face which opportunities and challenges of Wishluo’s head of the global merchants believe that considering the expected growth of mobile shopping and the huge opportunities present in the digital era, now is online Good time for the market transition.

Continue to expand the mobile shopping market, continuously optimize the consumer experience, meet the user needs, Wish is also online, supporting the development of merchants in different stages to help global merchants further expand their business.

The moment, in 2021 the holiday season approaching, businesses need to be well prepared in terms of inventory and logistics, good holiday season planning.

(Wish Global Business Leader SarahLuo share) to deal with the electricity business opportunities, as large customers Wish Chinese officials and Wish Business School Dean of electricity, JudyZhu summarizes the key business efficient operations. From the international trend, prompting the epidemic user consumption to electricity providers, consumer attitudes permanent change, with the ease epidemic, the consumer confidence index rebounded, the overall trend for the better.

Wish businesses can take advantage of the platform and its corresponding functions, improve the efficiency of talent, understand the core user portrait, focus video marketing increase traffic, enhance the layout of the store personalized experience.

Wish electricity supplier in China Academy of Chinese mainland will continue the foundation, serving Chinese businesses in terms of personnel, product selection, operations, decision-making efficiency.

(Wish China is responsible for large customers, Dean of Business School JudyZhu Wish electricity share) Currently, there are many well-known Chinese brands to enter Wish, build trust with buyers on Wish platform, user training the mind. Wish China Business Development chief of IvyChen introduced in 2022 China business development plans, through concrete Case Wish how the brand directory, genuine seller certification, flow promotion tools and promotions tools and other auxiliary brand operations, providing equity flow support to help businesses to achieve earnings growth.

Wish brand and also co-Creators of various brands of exclusive rights, innovation and factory direct supply model, to provide users with both stable and high-quality products factory.

(Wish China Business Development chief of IvyChen share) meeting, Wish China Business Development IvyChen overall responsibility for global brand management company and also onion Group (OnionGlobal) CMO Pan Jianyue representatives Wish and onion Group held a signing ceremony of the world’s products are sold worldwide.

Wish onion and platforms will take to build two high-quality cross-border electronic business platform strategic cooperation in the new format, the onion will expand the global sales market by Wish, bringing global beauty, mother, fashion and other brand name products for consumers Wish platform, complete two-way cooperation in strategic commodities sold worldwide sea world.

(Wish signing ceremony with onion Group) as the representatives of well-known brands across borders, Sun Bo proud-based Technology Wish brand operations director for two months to share experiences from 0-1000000 at the summit. He said the choice Wish, which is a fancy intelligent recommendation algorithms and user groups Z generations, but also to grasp social trends and electricity providers electricity supplier brand opportunities.

Specific to the practical operation experience, he summed up the three core indicators shop weighted by how product quality, logistics platform and rules influence, and traffic: a single product traffic trends, conversion and product reviews.

Different stations and advertising interests will need to fit different types of traffic and goods.

Commercial tenants, Wish also invited to Shenzhen Tai Tewo Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen fruit to Network Technology Co., LDK Times Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Maili lion, head of e-commerce as a representative, and medium-sized Chinese Wish business Leader RittaZhao to participate in one hundred million sellers of cross-border dialogue, share export electricity suppliers to improve product quality and logistics experience, experience and experience to build the brand and supply chain.

(One hundred million sellers of cross-border dialogue) 2021 The logistics industry is still facing multiple challenges. Global air and sea freight demand continues to climb, but air transport capacity of less than 2019, the cost is much higher than in 2019, maritime port congestion also subject to the impact of price and capacity. Head of Logistics in China Wish BillZhang also re-set the Wish in this challenging year, how stable the price of A + Logistics, season security programs, business rights protection policy, A + logistics Refund Protection Scheme, the new logistics orders search tool and other logistics enhance performance. Next, Wish will continue to force the matrix A + product stream, WishExpress, Uni-Inventory joint positions, Uni-Freight transport logistics, to create efficient logistics environment.

(Wish logistics head of China BillZhang share) the development of logistics and electronic business complement each other, krypton sea 36 partner Zhao pure, Wish China Logistics Director KenLin, SF Wang Rui, head of international sales management, logistics and deputy general manager of the Friends of Shun Zhang Zian, logistics million colors COO Zhuangzheng Jie also continue the dialogue on logistics, discuss opportunities and challenges in 2022 cross-border logistics, how to further enhance the user experience, overall stability and diversity of choice logistics and so on.

(About 2022 was through the global development dialogue) in addition to dialogue, Wish still at the scene to outstanding business and brand awarded Wish2021年度优质卖家奖, Wish2021年度最具潜力卖家, 2021 Most Promising Brand Award at sea.

Site also issued Wish2021年度生态合作伙伴奖项, SF international courier million colors, Shun Friends of the logistics, postal Group, UMPAY, a series of international, Yan Wen logistics, Equick Netease speed up, cloud passers logistics, Wan Yi Tong and other awards, with sea electricity supplier accelerated scale, many companies are ushered ecological broader space for development.

The Wish2021 annual global summit seller come to an end in a warm atmosphere. Global Outbreak profound change in consumption habits, to accelerate the digitization process, to usher in the explosive growth of cross-border electricity supplier, Chinese brands also ushered in a great sea of ??gold. The summit to sea by the krypton 36 Wish joint co-hosted, Wish As a leading mobile platform provider, is an excellent opportunity for business development of the global market, 36 krypton sea will continue to focus on the development of China’s cross-border electricity, help Chinese brands to the sea the road.

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