Look at the shell and shell of a table,Luo Yiyou couldn’t help laughing and saying:“I’m really http://www.banyn.cn full,Don’t know how you are?If not enough,Order a few more,Until full”

“Hey!No need no more,I’m full already”Xia Jian, this is polite,At the same time he is also thinking about the money in his pocket。Go on like this,That’s pretty good。
Luo Yi heard what Xia Jian said,Happy face blooms。She smiled and said:“Then let’s go!In the afternoon we go to sea,Talk about your project by the way。If it’s about the same,I’ll ask you some valuable bosses next day,You meet”
Xia Jian heard that Luo Yi was going to take him to the sea to discuss projects,Happy in my heart。It’s just that he’s worried about how to talk at sea,How does it cost?Because with such a rich person,He can’t afford it。
With an uneasy mood,Xia Jian and Luo walked out of the box together。Xia Jian quickly took two steps,Walking in front of Luo Yi。
“Hey!what are you doing?”Luo Yi laughed softly behind Xia Jian。
Luo Yi doesn’t say it’s okay,She said so,Xia Jian let go and ran to the front desk。He said he would invite this meal,He doesn’t want Luo Yi to look down on him。
Xia Jianbao posted the room number to check out,The young man who led them into the box just now greeted them and said:“Mr!You don’t have to check out,Your box is free”
“Free of charge?Why is it free?Did Miss Luo settle the bill in advance??”Xia Jian still asked a little puzzled。
The young man smiled and said:“She doesn’t have to knot,Because http://www.dylsbz.cn this seafood restaurant belongs to theirs。There is a reason to pay for the family’s meals”
Xia Jianyi listen,It suddenly dawned on me。It turned out to be such a thing,It seems that Luo Yi didn’t plan to let him pay the money。Xia Jian shook his head helplessly,This is a woman,Out of the ordinary woman。
When Xia Jian ran out of the hall,Luo Yi is already standing in front of Bao Shijie waiting for him。Xia Jian quickly opened the car door,He asked as soon as he got in the car:“Didn’t you say that I will treat you to this meal??”
“You invited it!Just i like the taste here。But there are so many opportunities,No one invites me to dinner,As long as you like”When Luo Yi said this,,A peaceful face。
Xia Jian started the car,While asking:“How do we go?”