Xia Jianyi returned to the group,He called Dragon Ball and Lin Wei in person,Told them some things to pay attention to in the near future。And let Dragon Ball pick out six people from the security team,Form a special team。

Of course Dragon Ball is puzzled,Because this is the group after all,She didn’t think Xia Jian did it right。But she didn’t dare to ask face to face,Xiao Xiao saw her hesitation。
Xiao Xiao told Dragon Ball what happened recently.,After listening to Dragon Ball,A little apologetic glance at Xia Jian,Just walk away。
“I already called Xi Zhen,She might be there in the afternoon。During your time in the group,Let her follow you for twenty hours!Dragon Ball takes care of the field”Xiao Xiao whispered to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Follow me for 24 hours,Do you mean we sleep together?”Xia Jian thinks this atmosphere is a bit heavy,Made a joke。
Xiao Xiaoyi listened,I raised my brow and said:“sure!As long as you both are willing,I don’t have any opinion。If you think the bed is too small,I will have someone prepare a big bed for you this afternoon”
“I do not mind,I don’t know if Xi Zhen is willing?”Xia Jian is serious,It seems to be true。
Xiao Xiao sneered:“Then it depends on your ability,You can’t let me help you with this!“
“You are the boss,Since you arranged such a good thing for me,Then you order her,Just let her“Xia Jian laughed。This is the first time he made such a joke with Xiao Xiao。
Xiao Xiaobai glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I say Xia Jian,Your face is getting thicker now,I really don’t know what kind of people you are with。Really become very fast,You don’t seem to be like this before“
Xia Jian did not speak,Actually, he was thinking,I was no different from me now,It’s just that I’ve never been presumptuous in front of you。
Just when Xia Jian and Xiao Xiao were fighting,Dragon Ball knocked on the door and walked in,She put a list in front of Xia Jian and said:“These are the six people I just picked,Everybody’s skill,All have excellent skills。They are all veterans,Good execution“
“it is good!You gather them on standby,I’ll check it myself in a while“Xia Jian said,I glanced at the roster Dragon Ball provided him。
There really is a man named Chen Jianping above,And in the brackets next to it, there are three words for deputy captain。Xia Jian thought,Since it is the deputy captain,This person is naturally different from others。
How smart is Dragon Ball,She looked at Xia Jian’s eyes,I understand what Xia Jian meant。She laughed and said:“President Xia!This one called Chen Jianping is really amazing,Because of a mistake in the army,So I was demobilized and went home,This is a very big blow to him“