Ali Zhongbei line can’t bear the Ren Duo hometown, surrounding the geomorphic style, one wrong and wrong, beautiful pictures

This is not much such a sunny day, but in Tibet is normal, the lake is wide, the air is pure, the day is cold, one is wrong. There is a pure land in the eyes, there is sunshine in my heart.

In fact, the Ali North line is only starting from the lion river in the Ali area, crossing the northern part of Tibet and the Qiangtang area, traditional cognition, the north line is the national road of Ali to Naqu, mainly after a number of county, road conditions. From the middle of the 317 National Highway and 318 National Highway, there is a road condition varies a multi-end, but the relatively ridiculous area can see wild animals, more "one wrong" beautiful lake, the trip is more challenging, the scenery is more It is called the North North Line. There is no fixed line along the way, usually the old driver belt, often there is no way. Whether you are going to the big North Line or Zhongbei Line, the friends must know that Ren Duoxiang, which belongs to the northern end of Zhongba County, with the junction of Qiangtang, 4,500-5000 meters, is from the lion river One day is the best camp. The topography of the territory is more diverse. There is only the hormemption of Gangs Mountain, and there is also the majestic spectacular of Yajiangyuan. There are more than 6,000 square kilometers in the north and south, with more than 2,000 people. The entrance of the township has a bad mistake of a gourd shape, is "" one wrong and wrong "" start.

The township center is scattered on a flat dam, scattered with Tibetan people, a county road 711 transit passes, and it is estimated that most people in the country are here.

A village that once occurs because of the tour, because the population is rare, most villagers are living in animal husbandry, and many Tibetans from Changdu are located in the breech, before winter, here is still Some lively. In the afternoon, the boss of the inn, greeted us to drink tea, took out their dried yak meat, with the butter tea. Super dry beef, high calorie, in the cold area without the refrigerator, can be stored for one year, the winter, the snow, the winter is more used. For the first time, I will take the Ali North Line, some little excitement, drinking crispy tea is wild, hovering in the central street in Ren Duxiang, I will encounter a Tibetan girl Yi Xigua, just started to be ashamed, Mandarin exchange still difficult After shooting a few photos, hidden pure came out, one hand quietly than "Ye".

I will enter the cold night. The Tibetans of Ren Duxiang eat dinner, wear traditional costumes, gathered to the only street, walk, cold or talk, enjoy the easiest and warmth moment of the most, sea level 4,800 meters The inclinement, draws their figure, like a section of the movie.

There is an Ang Ren Ren wrong in the northwest of Ren Duixiang, is a slightly salted lake, the lake is 560 square kilometers, I didn’t find the way.

The east is famous for the name of the benevolence, and the morning is a thick cream. After passing through the unmanned grassland, the scenery of the mountain is reflected in the snow, the lake is gold, and the Renqing will be huge. Oil painting, amazing Ali Zhongbei ring line is wrong and wrong. The sun is rising, the golden brilliance is full of lake, along the 711 county road around the lake, or the waterfront stopped, so that the highlights of the morning show, full of pure and warmth.

It is important that the car can open to the middle of the lake. Next is the intersection of Tibet Ranch and wildlife grass farm, and there are more and more wild animals, you can go through a mountain post, look forward to Tibetan antelope. After a piece of grass, it encountered with the grazing Tibetan girl. There is a swamp between "Renqing] and" Zabye ", all kinds of gull birds fly, but also referred to the water, special beauty.

What big bird is this? When I arrived in Salt Lake, there was a unmanned grassland. A large number of old cute Tibetan wildfuses wandered here. When they were near, they will hold a big head and stare at you.

Zagbra Tea Card is located in a gobi between the Renqing Repels and Tower. There are more than 300 square kilometers in the area, one of the three major lithium salt lakes in the world. The colorful color reminds people of the Qinghai in the Qinghai, the original lithium is so beautiful before turning into a battery.

Zabrh Tea Card has a net red fox, isolation belt between Salt Lake South Lake, you are patient, take out something to eat, the fox smells to run out, not too afraid, feed it does not eat, bring Walking to the different caves, probably preparing for the winter, loneliness, I don’t know when it will be fine. Finally, from Zabah, it is a tower, the name is not large, but there is an outline viewing station.

The lake shore extends out a chaos mountain, boarding the mountain, the breeze, the blue lake reflected in the blue lake, and there is a very poisonous lake half-moon angle. These beautiful scenes are in Ren Duoxiang, as long as 3 hours from the township center.