Civil Aviation Authority: Continue subsidy for small and medium-sized civil airports throughput of 2 million passengers and below

On November 10, Zhang Qing, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Authority, at the meeting, Zhang Qing, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration, said that the 2022 SME subsidy program announced by the Civil Aviation Authority is based on the Ministry of Finance and Civil Aviation Authority. The "Notice on Revision of the Interim Measures for the Supplementary Administration of Civil Aviation Small Airport Subsidy" is approved, and the subsidy target is a small and medium-sized civil airport for the annual passenger throughput in 2 million and below. Zhang Qing proposed that small and medium airports were positioned as public infrastructure, and the public welfare features were more obvious. Due to the smaller production scale, most of the small and medium-sized airports are not allowed to support, and the airport business income cannot cover all costs with respect to social benefits.

Therefore, based on the social public welfare characteristics of the SMEs, the central government should subsidize the loss of civil aviation universal services.

Next, the current policy will continue to be implemented, protect the normal operation of the SMEs, and further play the role of small and medium-sized airports to develop and improve people’s travel conditions, and help consolidate the effective connection of the rejuvenation of poverty to the resulinage.

Under the huge impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, use a good subsidy policy to reduce the influence of the epidemic on the SMEs, maintain the continuous safety operation of the airport and the staff team stable.

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