The Kuomintang 2020 primary selection of civil adjusted in July will be included in Ke Wenzhe

According to the "Central News Society" report, the leaders of the Kuomintang Taiwan region will start the consultation operation, and the two Vice-President Zeng Yong and Hao Longbin are tilted, and the six intentional candidates will be given a primary selection rule. In July, the first election of the National Tunned, the Kuomintang plans to include Ke Wenzhe, the Mayor of Taipei.

Ke Wenzhe still has not yet launched the 2020 leader election, but the Kuomintang party believes that from the perspective of rational choice, Ke Wenzhe or Kaohsiung Mayor Korea is not absent from the leaders of the Taiwan region next year.

Therefore, the party is said that the programs of the leaders of the Kuomintang Taiwan region, in the comparative topic, in addition to the DPP, will include Ke Wenzhe. The leaders of the Kuomintang Taiwan region primarily planned from July 5th to 15th to conduct civil programs, and selected 5 civil programs by participating in primary elections, and sampled more than 3,000 household telephone samples, and the poll The calculation method is that political parties accounted for 85%, and the interior of the party accounts for 15%. Party persons said that due to 6 people within the Kuomintang, there are more people, it is estimated that the gap between the party’s interstitations will not be too large, and the part of the contrast is the key to the party.

The Kuomintang has recently launched a job, and the Party is said that the central nomination coordination team has contacted 6 intentional candidates, please arrange time, let the nominate group personally explain the primary selection rules, time, and setup fees.

As for details, locations, and whether the party is to respect the details of the party, respect the willingness of intentional candidates; 6 may be selected by the two Vice-Chairman, one of the two vice chairs, and show the sincerity of the Party Central Committee. . Party persons pointed out that the consultation is only a procedural process, and the intentional candidates will pay a new TC 5 million before the list of selected primary options will be announced on June 10th, which is the representative. The Kuomintang will announce the list of primary elections on June 10, and hold policy vision TVs from June 23 to July 4th, and implement national adjustments from 5 to 15, July 5th to 15th. On the next day, the results will be appointed in the Taiwan Leaders Nomination List, and will be officially nominated in the August 28th.

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