Revision Luliang Spirit Taiyuan Institute of Technology Related to Grassroots Presentation

The practice team has focused on the main connotation and historical significance of Lu Liang spirit with the "Luliang’s Story Continue to Luliang Legend".

By telling the story of the Luliang people in the revolutionary war age, the "hard struggle, the general situation, self-improvement, and bravely innovate" Lu Liang spirit, and tells the theoretical significance, practice, historical significance, history, and significance of Lu Liang spirit. The team members have passionately passionately and tears; the party members of the Chengbei Gou Village Committee heard the gods and fighting.

Zhang Navy, secretary of the Chengbeigou Village Village Committee, said: "College students come to our grassroots to preach Lu Liang spirit, and encourage our party branch to continue to carry forward Lu Liang spirit in the next rural revitalization, inheriting the spirit of Lu Liang." Practice team guiding teachers Li Sida said, student In the spirit of Luliang, Luliang, I feel the history of the 100th year. I hope they can stand up to Dazhi, Ming Dafu, become a big talent, and become a socialist, reliable constructor and successor. (Duan Siqi) (Editor: Duan Siqi, Zhang Linhan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.