“I’m Xia Jian, the general manager of Hongjian Group,Everyone heard me say something。Since it’s all here,Then we can solve the problem rationally。You send a representative,Ask all the questions you want to ask,All the leaders are here today,I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer”

Xia Jian stood up,He waved his hands and said,These people immediately calmed down。
The old man who scolded Secretary Wang just now asked with a smile:“You are Xia Jian?I have also heard,You were the boss of a startup group。Logically,Things like today shouldn’t happen。Because we all know,The entrepreneurial group back then did good deeds for the people of Bucheon。But what about you Hongjian?If the funds are not in place, we will demolish our house,You let us sleep on the street?”
“Old man!There must be some misunderstanding。Our Hongjian Group does not owe everyone a penny。The money that our Hongjian pays,Transferred to the relevant management department a long time ago。Here is our payment voucher,Everyone can take a look”
Xia Jian said,He stretched out his hand towards Jin Yimei。
Secretary Wang is in a hurry,He said to Xia Jian anxiously:“President Xia!You can’t do this?”
“What do you mean?Do you still let Hongjian Group continue to carry this pot??”
Xia Jian’s voice is loud,Everyone in the meeting should have heard。
Director Liu can’t sit still,He owes his body,Whispered to Xia Jian:“President Xia!The things here are not as simple as you think。You have to bear with me today,Otherwise, so many people will have trouble”
“young people,Since you have paid us the money,Let everyone see the payment voucher。We want to figure this out today,Where did the money go to us?and also,Forced to death。Who is responsible for this responsibility?”
Which old man questioned loudly like Hong Zhong。
Xia Jian is a little hard to do,If he shows the payment voucher to these people,They Hongjian are all right。But what should the management committee and the street do to these people?Unclear,I’m afraid they can’t get out of this conference room today。
Hundreds of pairs of eyes in the conference room were all fixed on Xia Jian,His outstretched hand slowly retracted。
Suddenly a young man said loudly:“If Hongjian Group can’t produce the payment voucher,That means you did not pay”
When this person speaks,The meeting room immediately became messy。