Russia: At present, the Taliban is the legal power of Afghanistan.

  Moscow August 15th, according to Russian News, Russian President Afghan issue Special representative, the Second Asian Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on the 15th that Russia did not recognize that Taliban is Afghan legitimate policy, but will wait and see Development of the situation.

  Cablov said that Russia has always advocated Afghanistan to set up a transitional government and prepared to cooperate with them.

  Cablov said that Russia has contact with the Afghan government and Taliban.

In addition, Russia also keeps contact with the United States. Comprehensive Tas Social Media News, Chairman Abdullah, Chairman of the Afghan National Crossed Senior Commission, in social media, Afghan President Gani has left Afghanistan.

On the evening of the 15th, the Taliban spokesperson said that the Taliban armed personnel have entered the capital of Kabul. The Taliban representative is discussing the "peace transfer power" in Kabul and Anzhi.

Afghan Agency Interior Minister Abdul Sartal Millzad said on the same day, the government will hand over power to the transitional government. According to the Russian President Network, Russian President Putin and Uzbekistan President Milji Jeev 15th, discussing the situation in Afghanistan. The two parties agreed to strengthen cooperation on the situation in Afghanistan. (Finish).