What’s more, the water is first tied by the blood knife, two months.,After that, in the snow valley for two months,Even without flower iron dry,Rummage is not less。

However, after the Chu Deiren expressed the flower iron,Final is not the worst situation。
Especially when I see the ribs to the Chu Deirers.……
Chu Deirers don’t think too much,However, there is this relationship,Behind your gossip,I have to worry about Chu.!
Extinction faces water,Also self-knowledge,Again,Pulling face and a little girl say soft words……
Just in the disciple of the door,Before leaving,Have a sentence with the Chu Deirens:“Not Xiao disciples in the door,Thank you, Chu Yizhen for punishment,Wholly!”
Always qualitatively Ding Minjun’s things……
Although the original extinction knows that Ding Minjun is losing,But by other people, the disciples of it.,Don’t say it is a Chu Deirers.,Even if it is called Yu Lianzhou,I am afraid that I will not talk so much.,More than half of the romant,Borrowing also to the Chu Deirers soft。
After all, the Chu Deirers are also young.,But the position of the rivers and lakes is here,Snail compared to Ho,Obviously, it is easier to accept with Chu Deirers.。
Half of Jingchu Wulin、Half Sichuan Wulin,All in“Chasing blood knife old ancestors”Things,Eventually ending,Quite a bit of a fever。
People in the rivers and lakes,As a bird,Only Wudang,Others and Liu Range、Water is familiar,Also stay in the wild store。
Chongqing prepare disciples,First return to Wudang first——Water will also be sent together to Wudang,See if Zhang Zhen people have a way to wake up。
Liu Ranfeng will also do,One is a teacher,Er train is also accompanying a four brothers。
Extinctly wants to take this opportunity,And discussion on the discussion of the magic,But because of the previous misunderstanding,No longer、It is even more unable to open the magic leader at this time.,I have to leave first.。
But when I am leaving,Still with Yu Lianzhou,After that, at the Emei。
Just shackles and other Wudang disciples,Now reasonable,Naturally, go back to Wudang first.,Instead of staying in Sichuan“Bind”——Otherwise, I really want to leave them to other factions.。
However, now,Extinction does not have a reason to stay……
Before the people of Tianying,Dragonfly in the words of the Yin Yin Wang,In short, hope Tianying,Don’t help you again。
Out of the Jungtian Zheng and the Skywear,Extinction even breaking,Compliment Yin Tianzheng a few words——In short, just want to say“Yin Tianzheng and the other of the magic are different”。
But Yin Yin Wang is here,But only a few words that are not humble.,Only say that the Skywell is finally educated,Interrupt the bones,How do I want to be the Lord?,Don’t need to die more。
Extinction although dissatisfied with Yin King’s attitude,But now both sides come to chasing the ancestors of the blood knife.,She is not good now, what is the Yin Yinwang?,Both sides are just not happy……
“Chu brother,Not as good as you are also rushing,Go to Wudang!Master, his old man,Also want to see you。”Yu Lianzhou specially said to the Chu Deirers。
Chu Deiren heard,Indeed some heart,But think about this way,Because with water,There is also Liu Ranfeng this wound.,The distance is definitely unhappy.——Even if Wudang really doesn’t want to have a good job,Will also make it intentionally delay。
As a result,Even if the extinction is really getting“Besieged light”Shelf,Wu Xu as a big faction that has been involved in the education,Have to respond,Also big can be excused and the disciples are on the road.,At that time, Song Duan Bridge took only a few teachers.,Even if it is a scene……
If this is this,Will not hurry。
And the Chu Deirers thought about it.,Left and right have come again, Sichuan,Previously for insurance,There is no exploration of the Emegu,Have“Dengfun”Later,It seems to be able to explore!
After all, if the Chu deer is really not bad.,The following is very likely to“Five Palace”Location,There is a five-person master’s life……
“If you can see Zhang Zhen,I am also very honored.,But I am in Sichuan,There are also piles,It’s not going to walk with the long way.。”Chu Deirers decided,婉 莲 舟。
Water praise,There is also a slight disappointment between the look.——She must be with my father,Returning to Wu。
Murongjiu listened to the Chu Deirers,It’s some guesses.,What do he want to do?,Look at the disappointed water,Secretly looked secretly……
There is no disappointment,Liu Ranfeng has already“Frozen”,Obviously don’t use him to follow,No excuse,He will not violate Master、Master’s order,Will prepare to continue in Chuanquan。
Just in secret,Can’t find it well……
And the flower is not known.,He is afraid that you can’t want,Because……At this time his Master、Second Master,Also hidden in Sichuan!