Construction Tourism Big Data Center Hebei New County: Let the Travel are full of wisdom

On September 23, I walked into the Taihang Red River Valley County Tourist Service Center Hall, Leopard Little Niki Robot was "warm service", for the questions raised by tourists, attracting many tourists to stop watching. Digital services let the county tourism wisdom highlight. "This robot can not only introduce tourists, live, travel, travel, purchase, etc., but also lead the function, and even if you dance.

"The explanator said," Tak Leopard, but the star employee here! " "Say goodbye to the leopard small niger, to the Taihang Red River Valley immersed naked eye 3D digital sand table, the shocking effect makes people exclaimed.

"This is an immersive experience space that is created with five super-widths, combined with the following realistic sand tables and digital technologies.

"The explanator is introducing the visitors to the best place to watch.

Here, visitors can see the spatial layout of the entire Taihang Honghe Valley "a shaft-ring four-gglass, four faucet multi-nodes", and "one river, cross-strait peaks, colorful valves, ten small towns, thirteen beautiful scenery, Bai flavor The overall image of the nostalgia, the thousands of rival roads, and the gallery. The explanator said that through an immersion high-definition eye 3D video, you can experience the beauty and future development of the Honghe Valley in the light and shadow.