Clear and 澹 澹 | Zuo Zongtang in the northwest "(20)

36 monographs, more than 12 million words have been published, more than 12 million words, and multiple standby.

The published "" Chongqing "Ship" and other four Chinese famous ship series, "Women’s Collection" and other three essays, "Zhu Kefu", etc. Seven Ocean Science Readings, "Ancient and Modern Harmony" won five documentary literature, the fifth National Excellent Science Population Award, "Vichang Travel", "Late Qing Dynasty Zuo Zongzi Quan Chuan" "Su Dongpo Big Chuan" and other six people biography . In June 2013, the "Late Qing Dynasty Zuo Zongzi Quan Chuan" won the 4th China Excellent Biographic Literature Award for five years.

The award word: "Chen Mingfu, the ancient years of the old historical responsibility and abundant passion, the six years, looking for the late Qing Dynasty, Zhongxing, Zuo Zongtang, Tianshan, Nanyi, Wanli Sea, Check the historical materials and anecdotes of tens of millions of words.

The works are magnificent, the writing is smooth, and the narrative is vivid. It has successfully shaped Zuo Zongtang’s distinctive personality, showing this national hero’s legendary life process, filled the shortcomings and deficiencies in Zuo Zongbians. It also strives to give an objective fair evaluation of the disputes related to Zuozhan. "2012 was selected as ten affected characters" in Dalian City ".

In August 2018, the People’s Daily Publishing House published a 400,000-word report literature "unique late", "People’s Daily", and "People’s Daily", "Zhejiang," Daily has also issued a comment of Zhang Hongtu.

"Modern Gold News" published Zhang Degui "a book, two people" review, "Ningbo Daily" "Zhangzhou Daily" and other reprinted. The conclusion is: China, too need to have this characterful intellectual! (Editor: Liu Yingwei, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.