Binzhou: Ecological protection and high quality development work in the Yellow River Basin

People’s Network Jinan December 3 (逄 Xinshan) 3rd morning, Shandong Provincial Government Information Office held the fourth game of "Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development", introduced the Ecological Protection and Pollution Prevention and Control Work in Yellow River Basin condition.

Zhu Wei, deputy mayor of the Binzhou Municipal People’s Government, introduced that as along the Yellow City, in recent years, Binzhou adheres to the green, sustainable development path, the ecological protection and high quality development work of the Yellow River Basin: Adhere to the scientific planning. In May 201, issued the implementation of "The Implementation of Ecological Protection and High Quality Development of Binzhou City", and also supports "China’s Huanghe River Basin", "14th Five-Year Plan" "" "Binzhou City promoted the Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development 2021 Work Points "and other documents, construct a package policy system from" planning map "to" construction drawing ".

At the same time, the implementation of the work and promoting the implementation of the municipal party committee, the main leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the Ecological Protection and High Quality Development Leading Group for the Double Group, setting up the Yellow River Ecological Protection Engineering Construction Headquarters, providing powerful organization guarantee for work.

Comprehensively implement the "four water four depends". In-depth implementation of the most stringent water resources management system, formulated the "Implementation Plan of the Yellow River Water Resources Supermarket Area", introduced the "Binzhou City’s Yellow Water Water Transfer Management Measures", and fully promotes the intensive utilization of water resources. Implementing water-saving transformation of large and medium-sized irrigation districts, building 40.8 million across the agricultural water-saving project of Huang irrigation district, through lining, slope, information, etc. 40 million square meters.

Implementing urban non-residents’ saplings of safer increased incorporation, exploring the promotion of water rights transactions, guiding water sales to implement water-saving transformation, and strictly control the scale of high water consumption industry. Fully implement national water-saving operations, all 7 counties and cities in the city are all created as the county water-saving society. Preliminary prediction, in 2021, the total amount of water in the whole city was reduced by about 200 million in 2020. Implement an ecological protection project. Establish a major project library of the Huanghe River Basin of Binzhou City, 59 reserve ecological protection projects, total investment billion.

Adhere to the "Shanshui Lin Tianhu Grass" comprehensive management, system governance, source governance, and comprehensively promote the Huanghe Xiaojun Bay, Yellow River Agricultural Park, Yellow River Botanical Garden, Huanghe Avenue Color Lee Forest, Nanhai Wetland Construction; Implementation of 94 km Yellow River Soldal Area Greening Reconstruction project; promoted the establishment of rural domestic sewage governance and 33 black odor governance in 427 villages. 2020 completed the forest 10,000 mu, the farmland coverage rate is%; the total area of ??wetland has reached 10,000 hesles, and the 4th place in Shandong Province has successfully created the country’s first olifier area national wetland park. Deeperate along the yellow cooperation.

Deepen the relevant economic circles of the provincial capital to work closely along the Yellow Six City, actively participate in the establishment of the cooperation between Shandong Science and Technology Innovation Alliance, Data Industry Alliance, Yellow River Basin City Cultural Tourism Alliance, the company opened "Domain Clearance", Shandong Industrial Technology Research Institute Binzhou Branch A large number of cooperation matters such as "Huan Lufei" such as the high airport successfully landed. This year, the city successfully held the Yellow River Basin Scenic Development Forum and the Cultural Tourism Development Conference, and the high-end brand events such as the Yellow River style belt bicycle competition, the "Huanghe Basin Scenic Area Development Binzhou Declaration", together to build the "Chinese Mother River" cultural tourism brand .

Establish a high level platform. The Binzhou Municipal People’s Government has conducted strategic cooperation with the China Environmental Science Research Institute. It is one of the four centers in the country in Binzhou. With the help of talents, technical reserves and advantages of the China Environmental Science Research Institute, research to solve major ecological environmental problems, establish long-term partnerships, explore new models of national environmental protection technology departments to help local governments, drive talents and technological innovation. I believe that with the project floor, the measures are implemented, the national strategy of Ecological protection and high quality development in the Yellow River Basin will have achieved great achievements in Binzhou, fully create a new situation in the construction of modern rich and rich, and strive to create the urban protection and high quality development of the Yellow River. "Binzhou model ". In order to win the pollution prevention and control, Binzhou City "Heavy Punch" attack.

Yan Wei said that Binzhou has severely strictly playing environmental illegal acts and services, and resolutely safeguard environmental laws and regulations. In 2021, it has been punished by 509 cases, a fine of 100 million yuan, environmental protection, and public security joint administrative cases, 65 administrative detention, 22 criminal cases, and arrested 119 criminal suspects, and formed a powerful shock. On this basis, Binzhou City’s three-year pollution prevention and control is successful. As of the end of 2020, the 55 main goals determined by the program, the 386 key tasks were completed, and the nine constraint indicators were achieved, and the ecological environment quality was significantly improved. The highest proportion of excellent days in the 7 transmission channels in Shandong Province. Average concentration Minimum, provincial control and above surface water assessment section, the ratio of the water quality of the near-shore sea is all the proportion of high-quality water bodies, and the safety utilization rate of pollution cultivated land is 100%. Ecological civilization creation results, Huimin County is named as the national ecological civilization demonstration county, Boxing County is named as the provincial "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" practice innovation base, the Zhanhua is named as the provincial ecological civilization demonstration District, Shandong Lubei Enterprise Group was awarded the national industrial ecological demonstration park.

Binzhou Ecological Environment Bureau won the national "Green China New Year’s" Nomination Award, which is the only one-prize-level city-level ecological environment office since the event.

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