The city of the city is in the village: developing and growing the collective economy to achieve the villagers together

Just as Li Qingcheng, when the first secretary of the former entered the village, Li Qinglin and Village Branch, the village director Li Yanhai came to his home to greeted the remaining food.

"This year, the rain is particularly large, and the wheat is inversely, and our imported cutting machine is very high, and the villagers have cut the wheat and rapesets.

The three joint harvesters in the village are now grabbing sunny day for autumn harvest, so that the income of the village collective is guaranteed, and the loss of the village is minimized. "The first secretary of the inner village said. Before entering the village is a village based on agriculture. The villagers in the village of the village transfer the land to the village 16 households. In these years, the autumn harvest machinery in the village is almost They are all employed from the Heilongjiang area, but every year, they have to return to Heilongjiang, so they have a big problem in the village.

Promote the revitalization of rural villages, lead farmers to get rich, and the factors of village collectors cannot be ignored.

The Qianjin Village Party Branch clearly knows that the rural production model of traditional small farmers is out of date, how to transform is a problem in front of the party branch. In order to find out what the masses think, the two-party team hurts home to lay a home, investigating the public opinion of the people, understanding the strengths and deficiencies of the development of the village, and jointly explore the new road of the village economy, farmers’ income. The Village "Two Committees" has established a shareholding economic cooperative, integrating the integration of collective resources, focusing on the integration of collective resources, and further discharging the exogenous assets.

"Our farmers are busy in the spring to autumn, which is to play some food, more increase in income. In order to solve the problem of local villagers’ autumn lack of mechanical equipment, we also develop strong collective economy, we live fixed assets and effective resources. Using the ‘three to village three to house’ project funds and development to grow mass collective economic funds, buy large-scale cutting machines, joint harvesters, and establish a mechanical service team to ensure that the villagers will return the mature food granules.

"Li Qinglin said. Developing the village-level collective economy, the village-level organization has a platform and resource that effectively play functional role, and the increase in farmers has a stable and reliable source. The grassroots party organization has also promoted creativity, cohesiveness and Important guarantee of combat power.

In order to develop the growth of the collective economy, the former entered the village has used the "three to village three to the house" in 2017, and supported the development and growth of the collective economic project funds. And imported pickup, wheel loader, build a large-scale agricultural point drying tower and annexed facility project, as of the current fixed asset investment of 10,000 yuan.

The village support, the village director Li Yanhai said, "We set a mechanical service team in the form of new machinery and the original machinery, that is, solve the lack of the union of the joint harvesting machine, and developed the collective economy, and promoted precise poverty alleviation. The industry is getting poverty, achieving the benign circulation of economic benefits and social benefits. "At present, the leading village collective economic income increased from less than 60,000 yuan in 2016 to 500,000 yuan in 2020.

Forward Village to combine collective economic benefits and grasp the party building to promote the poverty attack, establish a poverty alleviation, paying 60,000 yuan from the income every year, used for special poverty alleviation, causes sudden illness, disaster, due to reluctance Poverty households quickly realize the industry’s poverty, precise poverty alleviation.

At the same time, the villagers have also achieved profit dividends from the former Yuncun’s shareholding and economic cooperatives, so that the masses have been visible, and the benefits of touching, achieving the goals of common prosperity, and has accumulated successful experience in the next development and growing collective economy.

"The prototype of the collective economy has developed very well. Next, the next step will continue to expand this agricultural machinery, and the size of this mechanical service team is also bigger, and better for all villagers, lead the villagers to wealth." Talk When the next step, Li Yanhai is full of confidence.

"The" two committees "of our village have developed development plan, we must establish" e-commerce "platform, use Internet technology, sell local agricultural products, increase farmers’ income; prepare to build grain and oil processing factory projects, make full use of free resources, create green brands, extended Industrial chain, increasing agricultural added value, developing and growing collective economy, promoting agricultural increase, farmers’ income. "(Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.