Sichuan exploring the construction of "Science and Technology Yun Mall"

  · "Economic Reference News" Reporter Kang Jin Qian 胥 冰 洁 "no longer has to run away!" Tang Dynasty Tang Dynasty, Dashi County, Suining City, Sichuan Province, said that in the past, he had a problem with each family, and all households gave him a problem. Telephone, busy and chaos, but also always go to repeat, often solving several problems a day.

  Now, through the "Tianfu Technology Cloud" to view the order situation every morning, he plans the best route, so the day can run more than a dozen farmers.

The Tang Dynasty told reporters that many village cadres in the village were registered on this platform.

After registering, you can collect the needs of the villagers. When you see who has breeding, you will order your order under his "Science and Technology Studio".

"In addition to my ‘chicken expert’, there are many ‘cattle experts” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”. The reporter learned that the "Tianfu Technology Cloud" platform was created by the Sichuan Science Association system. It was officially launched on July 16 last year. From the school to the college students to researchers, as long as they have "a skill" or scientific achievements, they can pass the website or download. Mobile software is registered, put "cloud stall" on the platform. 33-year-old Liu Meijun is a psychological counselor. She accidentally learned the "Tianfu Technology Cloud" platform, through registration and qualifications, she opened a psychological counseling studio in the platform to help the epidemic. problem. After the business room of Liu Meirun, the business is hot, and now it has developed into 5 people.

"It is very convenient and practical, and we can help more people through the ‘cloud stall.

"Liu Meirun said.

  Yang Bo, deputy director of Tianfu Technology Cloud Service Center, Sichuan Province, said "Tianfu Technology Cloud" Mall or "Science and Technology Moon", through large data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technology, the system will register the seller "Technology" and buy After the "technology required" of the home, after screening, the two sides initiated the invitation to the invitation. Located in Suining City, Sichuan Yingchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a PCB-board manufacturing company. In the past, they can only look for inspection and testing agencies in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places. After using the "Tianfu Technology Cloud" platform, the company discovered three institutions with corresponding qualifications in Sichuan, and cooperated with one of them. "This cooperation makes the company’s testing by the provincial inspection to the city’s detection, saving the freight rate of about 60%, shortening the detection cycle.

"The company told reporters. The person in charge of Suining Yun Service Center said that the reporter said that the testing agency reached cooperation has just been in the stage of vigorously opening the market. When the service center staff is in contact with this testing agency When they were very happy. "The ‘cloud stalls’ is also an innovative entrepreneur. "Yang Bo told reporters that after the platform was online, they were promoted in many colleges and universities in Sichuan. Many college students play their own professional specialty, but also earned" zero spending ", but also accumulated social experience in practice.

  The reporter saw that in the Sichuan Tianfu Technology Cloud Service Center, the Southwest Hall, the first floor of the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, "Tianfu Technology Cloud Service Cockpit" big screen shows that there are more than 2330,000 users registered, registered science and technology workers type Including researchers, science workers, technical skills, rural native talents, science and technology management workers, etc. Yang Bo introduced that there have been 155 provinces, city, and county Tianfu Technology Cloud Service Center. This year, it will strive to strive for county-level full coverage. In a wider range of innovative entrepreneurial vitality, help rural residence.