Follow,There are three three figures.。

Tang Dynasty,Earth system、Dragon。
When they sit down on the five chairs behind the ring,The mountains have been repaired in the mountains.。
“Game start,Does anyone challenges?!”
How far is the voice of the old man,Mountain comes back,Long time。
Tens of millions of viewers are all mobilized。
One of the fifteen people in front of the player。
The five people on the ring are too strong.。
Each of them is a rebound genius。
Two of them have met the image level,The other two have at least the war of the level。
Left fifteen people,Who is their opponent?。
“I come!”
at this time,I am coldly drinking,Along with a stream of flow,The moment falls on the ring。
Xue Jiu Tian。
It is the fire system Xue Jiu Tian!
He has no extra nonsense,Straightforward,“Fire system Xue nine days,I want to challenge the tailor of the earth.。”
High platform on the old eyes,Emerging a brief appreciation。
Can you be a thing?,I dare to challenge again.。
Only by Xue Jiu Tian this courage,It is worthy of appreciation。
Among the mountains,The disciples of the fire are also cheering,Shouting for Xue Jiu Tian。
The long life of the fire is some dignified。
No matter how ending,Xue Jiu Tian is the first to go to the stage,Is a good start。
At least for the disciples of the fire, great reputation and popularity。 As long as he can play his own momentum,So everything is full.。
rear,Thousands of thousands of moves have been standing up from the seat,Step step forward。
His face with a smile,Just this smile is a few 狰狞。
This guy first challenges yourself,That is like he is the weakest in five people.。
Anger is transpired。
Two people respect,Going to the central government,Gather 30 meters stations。
Xue Jiu Tian Hold the box,“Please advise。”
Fall into the voice,Xue Jiu Tian’s body is boiling,The radiant light。
He took the strongest trick directly——Sword fire burning!
Broken silver flame,Instantly spread the whole body,Continue to meet the wind。
He became a high foot,Body burning a silver flame-like little giant,Transfer powerful pressure。
Silver flame,Both the collapse of the void burning。
Sword fire burning sky,Evolution!
Opposite thousands of stations,not moving at all,Run, Xue Jiu, mention the strength of his own body。