102 goals! Messi + Neymar + Sue-Messi + Henry + Eto’o

102 goals! Messi + Neymar + Sue> Messi + Henry + Eto’o
Barcelona’s victory over Getafe may be expected, but what I did not expect was that Barcelona had a 5-0 leader before the halftime break.The last time Barcelona scored 5 goals in the first half was in the 7-14 victory over Levante in the 2013-14 season. At that time, Barcelona’s coach was Martino.  In the Guardiola era, it was commonplace for Barcelona to beat each other 5-0 in the first half, and now Barcelona’s outstanding performance also makes people see the style of the dream three team.Barcelona performed brilliantly, inseparable from the magical performance of the Trident, the team’s 6 goals, each with a trident member figure.In the 9th minute, Suarez made a penalty, Messi made a penalty with a spoon, and Barcelona took a 1-0 lead.In the 25th minute, Messi crossed from the right and Suarez shot into the net in front of the goal, 2-0.巴萨的MSN组合现在真是人挡杀人,佛挡杀佛赛季尚未结束,巴萨MSN组合已进102球,比2008-09赛季梅西、亨利、埃托奥组合多进两球  第28分钟,苏亚雷斯Passing, Neymar scored a goal, 3 to 0.Two minutes later, Harvey and Neymar scored a long shot, 4-0.In the 40th minute, Messi and Neymar kicked the wall and broke through the pass. Harvey’s heel passed the ball. Suarez shot into the far corner from the edge of the restricted area on the left, 5-0.Barcelona’s last goal was in the second half. In the 47th minute, Suarez picked a pass and Messi shot into the upper left corner at 12 yards to the right of the penalty area, 6-0.  In this game, Messi and Suarez both scored twice and added assists, Neymar and Xavi also scored for merit.The MSN team has scored 102 goals this season, including Messi 49 goals, Neymar 32 goals and Suarez 21 goals.Barcelona coach Enrique said proudly after the game: When the strikers are so efficient, Barcelona can’t stop it.  ”Daily Sports News” praised that after exceeding 100 goals, the combination of Messi, Suarez and Neymar has made history.Before the match against Getafe, Barcelona’s MSN combination scored 97 goals in various events. After the stormy attack on Getafe, the total number of goals of the MSN combination reached 102, 6 goalscorers,Only Harvey snatched a goal share.It is worth mentioning that the three MSN all have assists in this field. Messi’s penalty came from Suarez. Suarez’s second goal came from Messi’s assist. Neymar’s third and MessiThe sixth goal was assisted by Suarez, and Neymar passed a good goal to Harvey, resulting in a goal.This is the first time all three have scored goals and assists.  In fact, after scoring 3 goals in this game, the number of goals scored by the MSN combination was equal to the number of goals scored by the Messi-Etoo-Henry combination in 2008-09 (100).The number of goals scored by the MSN combination is now 102, surpassing the record of the Trident in Barcelona club history.The previous record was set in the 2011-12 season. Messi scored 73 goals, Fabregas scored 15 goals, Sanchez scored 13 goals, and Barcelona Trident scored 101 goals.And in comparison, the Barcelona Trident scored very unevenly that season, Messi alone occupied the majority of the goals, Xiaofa and Sanchez scored a lot less goals, but this season, the Trident goals should be balancedMany, Messi scored 49 goals, Neymar scored 32 goals, Suarez also scored 21 goals.  In 2009, the combination of Messi, Eto’o and Henry helped Barcelona win the triumph. The Barcelona have not yet won the championship, but in all three events, Barcelona have the hope of winning the championship.The King’s Cup Barcelona has reached the final and will compete with Athletic Bilbao at the Camp Nou on May 30.In the Champions League, Barcelona have reached the semifinals and will play against Guardiola’s Bayern Munich.In La Liga, Barcelona also continued to overtake Real Madrid to lead.  Messi is more mature now, in front of the goal, he is still unstoppable, and more and more dedicated assists.Messi is surrounded by two luxurious guards: Suarez and Neymar, two big names that are the green leaves.This is Neymar’s second season in Barcelona. The Brazilian has stabilized a lot and scored more than twice the number of goals last year.Suarez is now fully integrated into the team and has recently scored key goals for Barcelona.  There are four more rounds in La Liga, one final in the King’s Cup, and at least two more matches in Barcelona in the Champions League. The Trident is expected to rewrite the number of goals to more than 120.Right now, Messi is Barcelona’s top scorer. He scored 49 goals, including 38 goals in La Liga, 8 goals in the Champions League and 3 goals in the King’s Cup; Neymar scored 32 goals, including 20 goals in La Liga, 6 goals in the Champions League and 6 goals in the King’s CupBall; Suarez scored 21 goals, including 13 goals in La Liga, 6 goals in the Champions League and 2 goals in the King’s Cup.  Barcelona’s game against Getafe is in the history because of the Barcelona Trident’s historical record. Barcelona fans are also looking forward to the team’s ability to score super goals into individual championship trophies.However, the “Daily Sports News” also pointed out a big puzzle in this game: in the case of early wins, none of the tridents have been able to get a rest.In the first half, Barcelona led 5-0. There was no suspense in the game. However, the strange thing is that Messi, Suarez and Neymar all played for 90 minutes, and the three major players have no problems.However, it is still surprising that the coaching staff has not yet rested one of the three power forwards as the season entered the most critical stage and the physical fitness requirements are getting higher and higher.(Jose)