2019 People’s Square Dance Competition Finals Awards Team HD Group

After nearly 5 hours of fierce competition, Nanning Jingyue Art Troupe, Jinan Zhangqiu Elderly Song Dance Team received first prize, Fuzhou Binjiang White Corn Dance Team, Suzhou Kunshan Jinli Art Troupe, Chengdu Qingyang District Education Bureau Dance Team, TaiyuanThe eight dance teams such as the party group Qingchunhua Art Troupe received the second prize, Hangzhou Charm Father, Xi’an Xin Yue Dance Team, Zhengzhou Good Mood Dance, Shanghai Xiqiao Dance Team and other twenty dance team won three prizes.The players with full enthusiasm, sweet smile, beautiful dance and hierarchy, dedicated a wonderful visual feast for the audience and the majority of netizens, and also painted a success for the 2019 People’s Square Dance Competition.2019 People’s Square Dance Competition dances into media, with food as a year, jumps out of China’s day shoot, dances a healthy new life, who is the grand prize flower?Let’s look at ~~.