Dahua Experimental Middle School: A true heart is true

The opening ceremony of the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Construction of Dahua Experimental Middle School.

Lu Rongbin took a true heart to understand the experimental middle school from preparing lessons to class, job approval, counseling, examination, test paper analysis and comment, etc. The coaching teacher is designed to design a class of courseware in accordance with the overall requirements of thinking guidance, using collective wisdom, seriously revise and improve, and finally form the best teaching design plan, and teaches every lesson.

At the same time, the Qinglu project is implemented, with the new, play the back of the backbone, so that youth teachers enter the role as soon as possible.

Tang Yanfei, who took the leader and the deputy director of the Academic Affairs Department, is a model of the whole school to cultivate young teachers, and Tang Yanfei cultivates each teacher of the English discipline into a backbone. The student achievements of the chemical teacher Blue Emmei is almost all the A +, and the Blue Emmel is extremely responsible for the work. It is necessary to pay for the aftergiving of the post, never let one person fall. The class teacher served as the main role in educating people, and the teacher of Yan Mengyu is among the leaders. She is in the school, the care, management of the students. Once students do not standardize, or generate extreme thinking, she will make my ideological work around.

"Teachers are in relation to corrocking, no regrets, hard cultivation, and re-naughty students are also induced, and they will be struggling to explore colorful knowledge worlds.

Yan Minxin, Vice President of Dahua Yao Autonomous County Experimental Middle School. 20 years of thousands of hammers, 20 years exploration accumulation, Dahua Experimental Middle School gradually cultivated the formation of ‘Slim Mingli Boxing "," Chongzhen Shang Ya and Le Tiang "school style, The school has successively obtained a number of honorary titles such as the Quality Excellent School of Junior High School Education in Hechi City.

Up to now, the school has cultivated more than 9,000 people in Yaoshan, and they still have a high school or university, and some have embarked on their favorite jobs. (韦哲) (Editor: Liu Jia, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.