The Ministry of Finance will reach more than 5 billion yuan in the budget affordable housing project.

In the survey, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page Ministry of Finance to reach more than 5 billion yuan fund budget – affordable housing project is more secure this newspaper Beijing November 18 (Reporter Li Huawlin) The Ministry of Finance recently issued "about advance Notice of the 2022 central government urban security housing project subsidy fund budget, total funds reached 52.6 billion yuan.

  "Notice" is clear, after the 20022 budget year begins, according to the prescribed procedures, specializes in urban shantytowns to renovate, to eligible for housing rental housing security family issuance of rental subsidies, urban old community transformation And the second batch of central financial support housing leasing market development pilots.

  "Before the advancement of affordable housing project subsidies, it is the need to strengthen financial fund management." Bai Shuming, researcher in China’s Finance Science Research Institute, said that urban security housing projects belong to the joint weight, the central government must bear part of the funds, and the local will bear part of the funds. The central government has issued the fund budget in advance, and it is convenient for the preparation of next year’s budget to improve the integrity, accuracy and scientificity of local fiscal budget.

  Wang Zecai, a researcher of China Finance Science Research Institute, said that urban security housing projects are major Huimin projects in the central government, and they will pay the rental housing security, the urban old community and shantytown renovation funds can enhance the acquisition, happiness and security of the people. .

  This one-time advancement has a total of 52.6 billion yuan in advance, how to further improve the use efficiency of funds for payment. Wang Zezhi suggested that on the one hand, it is necessary to find the number of urban affordable housing demand. In order to prepare the project expenditure budget, there is a case of strict auditing demonstration for some places, and there is a strict audit argument. To alleviate the local financial resources brought about by the epidemic, earnestly improve the social benefits of the funds to use.

On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the budget implementation dynamic monitoring. According to the principle of "who wants money," the "no performance indicator is not applying", it is necessary to prevent financial funds, and the benefit is low.

In addition, we must improve the direct mechanism of fiscal funds and promote the large area of ??direct funds coverage, larger, and higher precision. It is worth mentioning that in recent years, the Ministry of Finance attaches great importance to speeding up budget implementation. For 4 consecutive years, the general transfer payment, special transfer payment, fixed settlement subsidies, major project spending, etc., etc. in the next year, etc. . Recently, the Ministry of Finance reached a number of 2022 year transfer payments and subsidies in advance. Bai Shuiming said that the budget expenditure of the Ministry of Finance basically belongs to the expenditure of people’s livelihood, indicating that the central government will protect and improve people’s livelihood in the prominent position. By increasing tax, social security, transfer payment, etc. Improve the people’s sense of gaining, let the reform and development results more more equally and all the people, reflect the common prosperity of the goal requirements.