The Organization Department of Fujian Provincial Party Committee invited the "July Medal" winner Lin Dan as an advanced deeds report

Original title: The Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee invited the "July Medal" winner Lin Dan as an advanced deeds report on the 23rd, and the provincial party organization department invited the "July Medal" winner, Fuzhou Gulou District Military Community Party Committee Secretary Lin Dan to the institution Advanced deeds report. Pre-provincial party committee, the Minister of the Provincial Party Committee, Yang Qianjin, for the Department of Organization, issued a medical treatment certificate to Lin Dan comrades in accordance with the Notice of the Ministry of China, which pointed out that this fully reflects the Care Care of the Party Central Committee and congratulate her again. Pay with respect. At the report, Lin Dan comrade is the theme of "a Dan Heart is loyal to the party and the new journey", sharing the unforgettable situation in Beijing to participate in the party’s 100-year celebration, and the unforgettable scenes of General Secretary Xi Jinping, told the root community for more than 40 years of work. She said, as a community worker, I always remember the Ceremour with General Secretary of Near, with the party construction as the leading innovative community governance model, actively explore the implementation mechanism of "135" community party construction, neighboring party construction, and strive to be a party "" "Waiter" of the masses and the masses.

Lin Dan said that it is necessary to win the "July 1 Medal" as the power, do not forget to make a good fortune for the people, and do a good "lead geese", do a good job in the "belonging", and strive to make new contributions to the ordinary position of the community.

  The party members and cadres of the Ministry revisited the "July 1 Medal" awarding ceremony, watching the video of Lin Dan’s comrades, listening to the report carefully. Everyone said that we must carefully study the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s "July" important speech. Taking Lin Dan comrades as an example, grasping the summons of the finishing party history, earnestly talking about politics, fairness, business, hard work, and struggling Write the contribution of comprehensively building socialist modern national Fujian.

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