Zhaoshan Huangquan stands in the same place,Southern Liao Wenjie’s back,Heart tide is lost。
Mobile phone sounds,The ringtone wakes her from the loss,After connecting to unfamiliar calls,The eyes are gradually bright。
“Mosimoxi,Is Huangquan??”
“This is my number,Different from the Nakyaki Kasaki,General case,As long as I am still in this world,This number can be played。”
“I don’t want it.……”
“Don’t say this,This number is very powerful.,What day is a wish?,For example, with me,I can realize this number!”
“Is the signal bad?,Why don’t you talk??”
“I have no such wish……”
“That is troubles to transfer the number to your sister……”
Lushan Huangquan Directly hang up the phone,No expressive,After a while, secretly touched,Add a number to the node,Add a contact。
Three days later,night,Come home。
Come to life, rely on the sofa,Painting on the face,Large wave is long,Monotonic white shirt。
Men’s,Only two buckles in the middle。
Two snow white long legs are on the legs of Liao Wenjie,The latter is careful,Putting the cucumber slices in the fruit plate,Poster a letter on her legs。
On TV,Reports related to all-yielding continue,Many programs are in an advanced production,Visit the audience,Find a variety of experts to explain this abnormality。
According to the statistics,globally,All-Japanese etching average a year and a half,In the same area,Generally, 300 years。
Current technology level,Astronomical enthusiasts as long as they wish to pay the ticket,Appreciate the eclipse is not a rare thing。
But this time,Be so surprised。
Especially neon,Dizzy,Ghost cry,Many places shouted to kill the sky,The traces of explosion damage are clearly visible,Said to open the devil gate。
Here,Officials of all countries emergency,Scientific way,Reasons for the popularity of this full-term eclipse exception to the people。
Explain the reason:
Earth’s magnetic field has been affected throughout the eclipse,Not only the earth,Have the moon,Thus, a series of earthquakes、Tsunami、hurricane……Bar.……The relevant experts are decomposed in the mystery,Explore the universe truth……Bilibili……
all in all,Do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors,Science,No devil,There is no god battle。
Neon is the most exaggerated,Even the Tokyo TV station,Invite a few experts live broadcast,Question questions in the way with hotline。
Neon local audience representative question:“Why are all other places that are calm,Up to a little black,Only neon has the greatest impact of magnetic field fluctuations?”
“Be asked!”
Experts proud:“Since ancient times,Neon is a place where the sun rises,So the most affected by the whole eclipse。”
Be there,Unable to refute。
The audience friends suddenly realized,Then organize the language,Experts and neon officials to give reasonable explanations,Warm greetings their female relatives。
“Good explanation,Can you change a channel??”
Come and tear the mask,Look down at a look,There are only sporadic cucumber on both legs.,Fruit dish is empty。
Learn Liao Wenjie,Wipe your mouth as you do。
“No,Experts explain reasonable,Whether you believe it or not,Anyway, I am a letter.。”Liao Wenjie collapsed remote control,He is very satisfied with this variety show,Smile,I still want to look at it again.。
“You and me tell the truth,What happened this time,Is it true that the devil invades the world??”