Why are you so beautiful will be broadcast, Kunling does not mind the Jay Chou wife label

“Why are you so beautiful” will be broadcast, Kunling does not mind the “Jay Chou wife” label
On December 15th, the curative life reality show “Why Are You So Beautiful” was watched by antique media. Kunling, Fan Fei, Han Huohuo, and Huang Ji “good-looking members” attended.In the first episode, some people questioned whether Kunling wanted to tear off the label of “Jay Chou’s wife”.In an interview with the media, Kunling said frankly that everyone has misunderstood: “I am Kunling and the wife of Jay (Jay Chou). It is okay to call me in different identities.”Why are you so beautiful?” Will be aired on Mango TV every Thursday, December 19 and at 12 o’clock on Friday.Show poster.Each episode of “Why Are You So Beautiful” selects amateurs as guests for transformation, and entrusts “good-looking members” within Kunling, Fan Huang, Han Huohuo, Huang Ji, and Wu Xin to choose from clothing, styling, home, food and emotionFrom a different angle to start a good life.Kun Ling, who served as the “Beauty Pioneer Officer” on the show, received much attention because of the status of “the wife of the famous singer Jay Chou”, but she said that she did not want to tear off the label. “I think it is part of me.”.However, this time it was Kunling’s own idea to be a guest of “Why Are You So Beautiful” this time, and did not ask Jay Chou’s opinion in advance.”I also stepped out of my safety zone and wanted to share the goodness of life with everyone, hoping to be a part of everyone’s good life.”Kunling site picture, provided by the organizer.In the show, Kunling took everyone to visit her clothing design studio and revealed that she likes to design clothes for her family and often designs beautiful princess dresses for her daughters.When she came out to work, the most reluctant to Kunling were the two children. She would be asked when she would return when she changed again. After the corrected date, the children would often call to tell her that she should be home in a few days.Especially accurate. “Whether he is worried about too much time going out to work, the children will become closer to his father, Kun Ling said that he is not worried.”I think mother’s part of the baby’s mind is irreplaceable.”” Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Liu Baoqing