[Crafting process of Chiba tofu_Crafting process of Chiba tofu_What is Chiba Tofu]

[Crafting process of Chiba tofu_Crafting process of Chiba tofu_What is Chiba Tofu]

Tofu is a popular form of corruption. Some people know about this alternative, especially in mainland China. This kind of cuisine is mainly popular in Taiwan and coastal port cities.

This kind of food is quite similar to the soy bean curd we often eat, because the main ingredients of its production are also soybeans, and it also contains low-fat and low-nutrition ingredients.

However, its manufacturing process is still relatively complicated, let’s introduce it below.

Chiba tofu is simple in production process and does not invest much spicy tofu on the basis of the original frozen food factory. The current market limit is about 12 yuan / KG, and the profit margin is relatively large. Therefore, it is a good choice for frozen conditioning food factory.

Formula: 150g of soy protein isolate, 60g of soybean oil, 11g of chitin, 30g of egg white, 50g of starch, 5g of monosodium glutamate, 5g of white sugar, 10g of wheat protein, and 0 of whitening protein.

7g, ice water 750g, process flow: 1. First beat soybean protein isolate, starch and ice water for about 3 minutes on a large tofu machine, break the protein isolate to the naked eye without particles, smooth and delicate.

Then add chillin slowly and beat quickly for 2 minutes until uniform.

2. While slowly beating, add soy oil and quickly beat tofu for 3 minutes, then add starch, monosodium glutamate, sugar, and wheat protein to beat for 2 minutes and stir well.

3. Add whitening agent “whitening agent must be dissolved in water” and beat tofu for 1 minute, so that the slurry is fine without small particles and small bubbles.

During the whole beating process, pay attention to the temperature control below 12 ℃.

4. Pour the prepared slurry into a tray with a thickness of about 4CM. It should be a tofu box. Cover the surface with a thin piece of plastic tofu to make it. Move it into the refrigerated room for about 10 hours to shape the shrimp tofu until it is elastic and crispy.

5. Cooking: A machine that cooks tofu for 40 minutes at 80 ℃ -85 ℃, so that the center temperature of the product is above 75 ℃.

6, after cooling to room temperature, cut fruit and vegetable tofu, about 12.

4CM * 4CM * 4CM, after being frozen by the quick-frozen chain, packed, then moved to a freezer for storage, and the refrigerated temperature is about -18 ° C.

Professional tofu machine manufacturers: Recently, many friends asked me about Chiba tofu technology. Because it involves picture interpretation and customer solutions, I will answer them uniformly.

The difficulty of Chiba tofu production process lies in adjusting water retention and taste.

Based on my experience of engineers in this industry in the past few years, I will briefly say: first of all, the color is more tender and white, of course, the white pigment is not allowed to be added, and the color is hindered. If you are a casual small packaging manufacturer, the color problem is not necessaryConsidering that the quality of soybean protein and the amount of soybean oil added will affect the color; (the color of the attachment is better) Of course, I advocate the original color, which is also the trend of the food industry in the future, close to the original ecology, and add a small amount of additives as much as possible.
Basically, it is a structural problem. The first is that the bubbles cannot be too large and too much. The second structure is uniform and microscopic, and has good elasticity. It cannot shrink after oil. A large number of ice crystals cannot appear after freezing.The feeling of rustling is generally refreshing; in the end, it is the taste. The food is exquisite in color and flavor, and the taste is the main demand of consumers. Chiba tofu itself should be fresh and slightly sweet.