Workplace Raiders: Do n’t Ask Your Past

Workplace Raiders: Do n’t Ask Your Past

Modern companies are like shops, people come and go, people coming in and out, people with your colleagues may cause more than five years here, and may even change five companies.

Do you really want to know the colleagues around you?

  Get along with colleagues day and night, whether intentionally or unintentionally, you will definitely talk about the past of others, or your glorious history.

Have a good chat with colleagues, you may even shake out the bottom of your life-honestly, how many girls have you chased in college?

What is the salary for the first job?

Love experience with current wife?

Cough, what is this?

However, it is some interesting gossip talks, how can you make your workplace charm a little bit less?

  The following personal content is worth scrutinizing.

  ”My previous company has a lot of talents. Turtles, MBAs, and lands are everywhere. Our team is very special. In order to get a big project, everyone didn’t close their eyes for two days and two nights .” This is a chat term for boastful talents.

  ”How long have you been working here?

Which company have you worked for before?

How much does his family cost?

Why did you decide to change careers?

“This is a chat term for gossip.

  ”My former family’s welfare is particularly good. I send everything on New Year’s Day. How is it like now?

Even if I left, my colleagues often called me before, and everyone was still very happy.

Really, I miss the kind of warm interpersonal alternation!

“This is a chat term for passionate people.

  ”My former company is simply not a place to stay!

It is naked exploitation of employees, without any humanity . “This is a chat term for brainless talents.

  Either boast or gossip. Speaking is your right, but it’s best to consider the consequences.

It’s boring to boast too much-since your company was so good, why would you jump here?

There are too many gossips, and others want you to be more alert. Who wants to talk to a big mouth?

Reminiscence of the past is too much, others will feel that you are in Cao Yingxin Han, complaining about the status quo.

Before the fierce blow to the owner’s strength, others will think that you are too lucky to be able to play for the company. Let us give you any good things.

  In fact, many people are changing jobs, but the circle of an industry is often so large, and you may encounter familiar faces when dangling around.

Even if you change to a new company, you will somehow have a relationship with the past.

Therefore, you must be eloquent in speaking, and leave yourself plenty of room for mediation.

  For example, a media friend jumped to another media due to the depression of the original unit, but found that it was not as good as expected.

Due to the very different nature and direction of the two media, she thought that there would be no intersection, and coughed the welfare place of the new company mediocrely. She also said ostentatiously: “In the past, our unit often organized everyone to go out and have a close relationship with colleagues.
“Unexpectedly, her previous media did a topic selection, which happened to be exactly the same as the idea they were planning.

That’s all right. From the boss to the colleague, she thought it was her whistleblower. She felt that she was the “undercover” sent by the company.

Now that she has become a marginal person in the company, she must prepare for the next job change.

  In fact, at every stop in life, there is a memorable past, more than the start of spirit.

Remember that beautiful lyrics-no need to mention the past, life has been rainy.

I don’t know if I can say something, just stay in my heart.

Some things, I don’t know if I should ask, just give a smile.