China Baowu Eight Steel Factory History

Eight-one steel is a subsidiary of China Baowu, is a western manufacturing base in Baowu, China. It is located at 100 meters away from 5 Outdoor, Octa, Urumqi, China. September 16, 2001 It is open to the 50th anniversary of the sun steel construction plant.

The exhibition hall is 1600 square meters, divided into two exhibition halls. One hall theme "Causes of the creation of eight steel", the second hall theme ", after the envelope, bathing spring wind."

The Huali Factory History is the "China Baowu Top Ten Patriotism Education Base", Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Patriotic Education Base, Xinjiang Youth Patriotism Education Base and Urumqi City National Unity Education Base. One hall of the exhibition hall is divided into six chapters, respectively, the founder of the eight steel, the construction of Wang Zhen, started from the army into the place, transforming the expansion, the wind and rain, and the ideal of steel is always unsuccessful. Really reproduced Eight Steel from 1951, this hard work process before 1978, before the reform and opening up, this difficult entrepreneurial course. The second hall is divided into "enterprises to rectify, let all rights resection", "investment output general contracting", "establish a modern enterprise system", "deepening the reform", "joining Baowu" five stages, real records of eight steels 1978-2021 Constantly growing the development history of reform. As an important production unit in the western part of the motherland, there is a glorious history and the eight steel of the red gene, which has always adhered to the initial mission of the fire, and the "hard struggle, creating eight steel" is the glorious tradition, and brave the construction area steel ecology. The glorious mission of the circle, with the "one basis five yuan" strategy, adhere to the green high-quality development, determined the establishment of eight steel to build a strong powerful group industry platform, playing the role of leaders in the northwest and Central Asian steel industry The factory history is as a display window of Bayi Iron and Steel China Baowei Iron and Steel Base, which will keep pace with the times. While carrying forward red glorious traditions, record the eight-year steel in China Group’s continuous development from victory from victory to brilliant Every wonderful moment.