6 rounds in advance, Qatar World Cup, the Brazilian team continued to write the legend

  On November 12th, the World Preliminarily held the 13th round of the 13th round, and the Brazilian team defeated the Columbia team, advanced 6th year in the Qatar World Cup next year. It is worth mentioning that the Brazilian team has never lacking the World Cup finals, will be the 22nd World Cup of the Samba Army next year. At home against the Columbia team, the Brazil team can win the qualifications of the World Cup final next year, but the opponent is also very tenacious, Ninam has been fouled by the other players. In the 70th minute, the Colombian team was turned off in the back, and Pacqua took the ball and turned to the ball and got the ball for the Brazil. Then, the Brazil team strengthened the defensive strength, no longer pressed, and finally won 1: 0 scores, got a valuable 3 points. After the end of this round, the Brazil team ran out of 11 wins and 1 horror, leading the fifth Colombian team 18 points, and locked the top four ranking in advance. Due to the race of competition, the Brazilian team won the Qatar World Cup finals in advance, and became the first team of South America. Nermard has no doubt is the biggest hero of the team. He appeared 10 times in this World Cup qualifier, and it was 7 balls and assists 8 times.

Among them, the number of goals in the shooter is second, and the number of assists is the first place in the assists list. The opponent of the Brazil’s next game is the enemy Argentina, and the game will be held on the 16th in Argentine San Juan. The first confrontation of the two teams is interrupted because of the emergence of disputes due to the epidemic prevention, still waiting for the final ruling of the FIFA.