UnionPay network transaction amount is 903.6 billion yuan

  This newspaper Beijing April 6 (Reporter Ge Mengchao) reporter learned from China UnionPay from China: During the Ching Ming Festival, Open, UnionPay network transaction was 903.6 billion yuan, grew up from the same period last year.

  The data released by the UnionPay showed that during the Ching Ming Festival, the consumption amount of the catering industry increased year-on-year, and the hotel accommodation industry increased year-on-year, and the daily department store increased year-on-year.

Chen Han, senior director of the China UnionPay Data Department, said that the Qingming holiday is the time of returning home, the time of walking, and the domestic tourism market accelerates the recurrence, returning to the country and travel needs, driving food consumption, hotel accommodation and other consumption growth.

  In addition, this year, the UnionPay has introduced a series of Huimin to promote consumption activities, through the distribution coupons, movie view vouchers, and launched a series of Hui people such as bus metro preferential activities. Release new vitality. Data show that as of now, UnionPay joint commercial banks and other industries have issued more than 80 million coupons in more than 200 cities across the country, and the accumulated consumption amount exceeds 7.8 billion yuan. (Editor: Liu Peiran, Chen Mingju).