Russia began to issue a paper vaccine certificate, people can apply at designated locations.

  On November 17th, according to the Russian "Dragon", it is necessary to effectively accurately prevent the epidemic, and Russia requires people to enter the fixed place or take the relevant proof of the relevant proof.

For those who are inconvenient to acquire electronic documents, the local time can apply paper version documents in Russia’s "Multi-Function Center" on November 16.

  According to the order of Russian Prime Minister Mitchus, from November 16th, the Russian "Multi-Function Center" began to issue a paper vaccination certificate.

People who have been infected with new crown viruses or people who are allergic to vaccination can also go to the center to receive the required proof documents. Mischus emphasizes that everything possible to make people can enjoy this service more quickly and smoothly.

  After the vaccination, the public will receive the relevant proof, but it is impossible to obtain QR code, because the QR code is to be obtained in the National Service portal, for the public, paper version of the person who does not register or cannot print the document on the website or cannot print the document. The inoculation certificate is necessary. Paper certification with QR code is as effective as effective. Currently, some areas that have been implemented in the QR code system have made effective progress in the anti-vloise. The Director of the Epidemiology and Microbiology National Research Center, Russia, Russia, said that the QR code system in public places and transportation can prevent serious virus variants.